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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Loss of Faith?

Recently, more and more numbers of people are starting to accept a new "concept". Talking to different kinds of persons; doctors, students, and workers, you can hear more and more the following phrase:

"We all know who assassinated the Late R. Hariri, and we all know that there is NO WAY they are going to accept the formation of the tribunal. The more we insist on the tribunal, the more we will suffer from instability and insecurity in Liban. Maybe we should just forget about the tribunal, it seems nothing is going to change anyway..."

Is it loss of faith? Did the Lebanese gave up on the dream they once hoped it could come true? To reach a stage where you are willing to accept that those who killed the best of our youth are NOT to be punished, and to accept to live under the continuous terror of being assassinated once you try to swim against the current, this means that you have reached the stage of hopelessness.

Many politicians are advertising for this, mainly the famous Mr. Weam Wahhab, who keeps saying that as long as we are seeking the tribunal, we are NOT going to have any stability. And that the ONLY way to regain stability and security is to forget about the tribunal, and just move on, as we did many and many times before.

But let's think logically, is this really an option? What does it mean to just forget about the tribunal? What kind of messages will we be sending those who commit all these crimes? Aren't we accepting the logic of "Do as told, or else you are dead!"? How can we change anything in this country after that? We all know that corruption has infected the whole country, and we all know very well that there are those who benefit from such corruption, how would we be able to fight corruption then? Won't that be considered as "swimming against the current"? And so assassination will continue, unless of course, we decided to accept corruption as well. And the chain goes on and on.

NO! We can't accept such thing, it would be as if we signed our death certificate. Why did we ran in streets? Why did we shout loudly asking for change? Is it so in two years of time we give up, accept the painful reality and try to move on?

NO! We can't forget about the tribunal. It's NOT just to find out who assassinated Hariri. It's much much more than that. It's our way to STOP the logic of force in Liban. It's our way to build a true country, where everybody knows that when you try to break the law, you are going to be punished, that when you want to live, you have to respect the law, and abide by it. It's our way to stop corruption and find a way to revive our dying economy.

Tribunal is a corner-stone in our seek of a true independent Liban, and giving up the tribunal means that we are giving up our dream of a better Liban. And frankly, we don't deserve the country if we are willing to give up on it. ALL OF US paid BLOOD for this country and I don't think that our grandparents are more of patriots than us; like they sacrificed before us, we should do the same today, so that one day, we can make a true country. This is why we can't loose faith, and this is why we can't give up on the tribunal.

The late Gebran Tueni once said: "You can question the political leaders, you can disagree with them, you can even give up on them, but NEVER EVER give up on March 14th spirit, It is YOU who made that day, it is YOU who wanted the change, never doubt that, never doubt Liban"


Khawwta said...

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FaiLaSooF said...

just watching the countdown timer working gives me pleasure :)

can't wait to see that day coming...