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Friday, March 02, 2007

Syria and KSA, Where Does That Leave Liban?

According to Elaph website, it seems that the Syrian regime is trying its best to bring the Syrian-Saudi relations back to life.

Arab sources said that the Syrian President sent letters to the Saudi monarch, through intermediaries between the two countries, in which he said that he was ready to go to Riyadh to apologize to King Abdulla and "kiss his head" at the airport in the capital of Saudi Arabia and then return to where he had come from.

The sources also said in this context that President Assad made two steps. The first was in a letter leaked to indicate that he told Khaled Mashaal, the political bureau
chairman of Hamas, that an agreement must be reached with Mahmoud Abbas,
the head of the Palestinian Authority, in Mecca at any cost and failure
is forbidden in Mecca.

The other step was to donate to send information to the Saudis that the Saudi Ambassador in Beirut Mr. Khoja could be subjected to an assassination attempt. Attached to the warning was a report of the Syrian intelligence indicates that two fundamentalists groups are targeting Mr.
Khoja, one of them is "Jund al-Sham".

Where does that leave Liban? Is KSA willing to stop supporting Hariri and March 14th? Is that why Jumblatt and Hariri are trying to gain even more international support? Why didn't the Syrian intelligence tell the Liban about the attempt to assassinate Mr. Khoja? And does the Syrian intelligence know farther info about the past assassinations? Does this mean that the Syrian intelligence is still actually inside Liban? Many questions, and no one seems to know the answers for them.....

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