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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aoun...Strikes Again


General Aoun, one of the most controversial personalities in the history of modern Liban. He showed up yesterday, and as usual, he opened fire left and right, acting as if he is the only man who represents the Lebanese cause, and all others are just selfish thugs, running after their own interests.

But that's the orange general, we've always known him like that, and many of us admire his attitude, and consider it the main reason why they support him.


The new thing about Aoun's speech yesterday, the threat he lunched regarding the Presidential Elections. He warned of a "bloody events" if the Parliament gathered to elect a new president. And with no regard to the constitution what so ever, he insisted on that the Parliament can't have a presidential elections session without the presence of two-thirds of its members.

Why the "bloody threat"? And why at this very exact timing? Does the general feel that March 14th and March 8th are making a compromise on his behalf? So he decided that it is the best to show that he's still a main player, and that he is the next president?

Any one who is watching the Lebanese political scene can say that the least likely to become a president is General Aoun. So what bases is he counting on? And how can he disregard the constitution and insist on the two-third of members attending for the session to be legal? Or is it a very smart move resulted from organization between the sides of the opposition; where Berri play the good cop, and Aoun the bad cop's role?

But the shock was his declaration that HA's arsenal is a MUST! Why general? what happen to the famous FPM's "Ma badna jaysh b lebnen...ella eljaysh l lebneni" "We don't want any army in Liban BUT the Lebanese one" ??!! How can you have the nerve to go on public, and shout out loud "I haven't changed any of my principles" after making such a statement? How can we even think of a country and a state power when we have the presidential candidate stating that HA's arsenal is a must??!!!


One more time, the orange general disappoints me. I can't understand how you decide to stay in exile for 14 years only because you refused any authority but the legitimate Lebanese one, only to come back later and turn the table over the basic principles that made us support you all these years???!!!

As long as the general is insisting on such attitude, he can kiss the presidency good long kiss goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

i don't understand how he has a remote chance of becoming (or should become) president with little to no credibility. he not only flip flops, he is blantantly lying (ex: doctored photo of the so called sniper). i don't get it.

Ms Levantine said...

Lebanon is a sectarian democracy. The Taef agreement which is the vague rule of the land stipulates that there are 3 presidents: Maronite, Sunni and Shi'a.

If the Sunni got Hariri and then Siniora (chosen by S. Hariri) and the Shi'a Berri with HA support, then logic stipulates that the most popular Maronite should be the "third" president.

According to the lastest elections/polls/popularity... this person is not Ghattas Khouri, Nassib Lahoud, Samir Geagea or Nayla Moawad, but Michel Aoun.

You don't like him, and frankly neither do I. But you cannot have March 14 clamoring non-stop for Taef while only applying the part that is good for them.

If you don't like this situation, then blame our sectarian democracy and try to look for viable solutions. Demonizing Aoun is useless: he is by far and away the most popular Maronite politician in the Maronite sect. We need to learn to live with that fact.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Levantine.

And I also dislike aoun, but what he said about the constitiution is true : You need a quorum of 2 / 3 of the MP's in order to proceed

M. said...

Ms Levantine what you’re saying is right…to some extent.
The reality of the Christian community in Lebanon is a bit different from the rest of the communities. It’s true that the vast majority of Shiites are behind HA/Amal, the vast majority of Sunnis are behind the FM and the vast majority of Druze behind Walid Joumblat, but you can’t say the same about the Christians. True, the FPM is the biggest Christian party in Lebanon but the vast majority of Christians is behind…nobody! and they are disgusted by Aoun, Geagea, Hariri, Nasrallah and the rest.

M. said...

Anonymous, if you want to be precise the Constitution requires the candidate to have 2/3 of the votes in the 1st round to be elected President. That’s not the same as a quorum. The quorum of a parliamentary session is set by Article 34 of the constitution, requiring the “majority of the total membership” of the Chamber, meaning half +1. So unless otherwise noted, the legal quorum is half +1. When the Constitution requires a quorum of 2/3 it says so clearly, just like in Article 79: “When a draft law dealing with a constitutional amendment is submitted to the Chamber, it cannot discuss it or vote upon it except when a majority of two thirds of the members lawfully composing the Chamber are present. Voting is by the same majority”.

Anonymous said...

Hi Failasoof

My name is Riad and I am a sunni from Tripoli (sorry for the sectarianism but you'll see why)

Just want to say how professional your blog is 9and I hope you are and you seem so) and that I have stuck on your blog for days now 'catching up' ha ha.

I have come to your blog as I know you post comments on the awful 'beirut spring' blog, and here is the crunch: that hypocrite
Mustapha banned me PERMANENTLY from his site for the simple fact that I support the opposition!!! (The Islamic Fron to be exact).

I really cannot believe how a person can do this to me seeing that I visitied his blog regularly and never insultedhim or anything but of course Mustapha cannot admit there are many sunnis who are NOT Hariri supporters. He does not even ban the hardline shiites or Aounists who come onto his blog! And if you noticed one day he blasted a sunni MARCH 14 blogger ('Hassan' I think his name was poor fellow) just because he made an innocent

So you Failasoof know who I am now and what my political affiliations are so please, you seem much more mature and professional (+ your blogs are more informative than his) so pelase don't ban me: we are all lebanese and we have to learn to accept differences (unlike Mustapha).

Please tell Mustapha to grow up and just want to say congratulations on your blog - love the social aspects you publish.

P.S. that 'Antione' seems to be an extremist so will look forward to arguing (politely ha ha) with him.



FaiLaSooF said...

my blog has been and will always be open to all point of views, whether i agree with them or not, as long as there is a matual respect and understanding to the other side.

I can't talk on behalf of Mustafa, and i don;t wanna get in the middle of you two. So sorry for not having a comment on what happened between you n him.

Thanks for the nice things you said about my blog and posts, and i promise i'll try my best to keep such level of integrity in the future.

welcome again, and i'd like to see more comments from you as well :)

Ms laventine,
the Lebanese Prisedent, Parliament speaker and prime ministers are elected by the Parliament members, the whole 128 one of them. Sunnies do not elect PM, Shiites do not elect the speaker, and christians do not elect the president. Taef never spoke that each sect elects its representative, this is how the Lebanese badly misused the constitution.

Berri was elected NOT only by shiites, and only after forming an agreement with other blocs than HA and Amal in the parliamet. And Seniora was elected by a vast majority from all sects, not just by sunnies MPs. Same thing goes for the president, as simple as that. Aoun got 21 members out of 128, if he wants to be the next president, he has at least to have the approval of 65 MPs, something he doesn't have at the time being, and so he won;t be the next Lebanese president, as simple as that.

regarding the quorum, you can't be more right. I totally agree with you on that matter.

Riad said...

Thanks Failsoof - greatly appreciated.