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Friday, March 30, 2007

Gebran Tueni... We Miss You


Gebran Tueni's last writings......
May your soul rest in peace.....

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Anonymous said...

u know what i really like about u,i can honestly say i have never seena person who loves his or her country and trully cares the way that u do without hidden motives. i respect u more and more each day.

take care

FaiLaSooF said...

girl you made the FaiLaSooF speechless!

Thank you for the lovely things you said, and I have 2 say that i owe that love to Gebran Tueni, his words tought me more than anything else NEVER to quit on ur dreams.

please keep commenting on my blog, ur more than welcomed, and i guess you kno that by now.

Anonymous said...

hey,u r so more than welcome and i will be stalking you (via blog of course) all the time from now on,i commented on ur somment on my blog,please check it out,take care sweetheart.keep posting and commenting

Antione said...

Hello Failasoof,

Just wanted you to know me and my family love Nando's too: beautiful.

Take Care: sorry for the slack posting, life is busy at moment, but will be back soon.


Riad said...

Hello all, and to Failasoof

Though I did not support G. Teunies political affiliations, I have never doubted for a second that he was a true lebanese and loved his country, and I appreciate Failasoof letting us remember his lovely name constantly.

Keep up the good work Faialsoof (and yes I DID notice Mustapha posting on your 'Nando' post, brings back bitter memories, but thats democracy eh Failasoof ha ha ha)


FaiLaSooF said...

welcome back ya zalami, keep it alive man!

i can't but to respect ur opinion as much u respect mine :)
as for mustapha, he is as welcomed as you are on my blog, and so is everybody else, and yeah this is democracy.
take care man

Khawwta said...

I feel so sad when I think of him.. de3an l chabab
May his soul rest in peace

FaiLaSooF said...

he lives through us, through believing in our dreams, and never quit demanding our Liban...