Always in Our Minds....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


According to Naharnet, Reuters and (tried my best to check different sources), 6 men of Fat7-l-Islam organization were arrested and confessed that they were responsible for Ain Alak bombing, as well as planning for the assassination of many Lebanese politicians.

News still vague as we speak, more to come later (I learned NOT to believe news till it is proven right later on).

Future TV and LBC announced the news 30 min. ago. New TV, Manar TV and NBN haven't said a word.


Anonymous said...

of course they are not going to mention it unless they are going to twist the news and somehow say that march14 is they said about gaegae responsible for gemayel's death and ain alak's explosions. i love it when somebody puts a foot up their asses..

Anonymous said...

It seems what they are trying to say is that March 14th made it out just before their 2nd anniversary so that they gain boost, just like they used to say in the past.

Lol, weird how everything can be twisted and changed....

Lebanese said...

What matters is that the ISF are doign their job perfectly. We can finally say that we have institutions capabale of busting those who are trying to miss with our security.

Let's wait and see how the different parties will react towards the current events.