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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Samir Kassir Memory...A Celebration of Life


It was the spirit of Samir all over the place. The organizers made sure to celebrate "life" and NOT mourn. No political speeches, and no accusation here and there, just a simple celebration to what Samir Kassir loved until his very last breath.... life and youth.


New youth bands played their music, and sent a message to the soul of Kassir, and his wife Mrs. J. Khory was smiling with everyone, only to prove that March 14th is a celebration of the spirit of Liban, the spirit of Samir Kassir, in its best forms.

I was lucky to meet Kassir when he came to UOB two years ago. In that famous seminar, the smile never left his face, even when some students were attacking his political views, and even tried to nail from his integrity. But in his unique style, he was able to capture the hearts of everyone who attended back then, and was able to prove that our rich is in our diversity.


Taken at UOB April 19th,2005

May your soul rest in peace, we miss all the time, and specially when we start hesitating, and wondering if we should stop and give up. That's when we realize that we can't stop, and we can't give up.....


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M. said...

I’m really sorry I missed it!
You might be interested to know that Samir Kassir won the Index award yesterday in London for his book "Being Arab".
You can check the story here:

FaiLaSooF said...

welcome to my blog. It was a nice memory, wish u could be there.
Thanks for the info about the prize Kassir won.

Hope to see you more often on my blog.

Antione said...

I really loved this man

All that I can say............................