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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nando's Night

We decided to go out and have dinner outside for a change. And after the usual debate, we settled on Nando's at City Mall, Dora.

I have to admit it was an excellent choice. We started the evening with the waiter Elie, who spent almost 15 min. explaining the "unique" taste of Nando's, and why it is different. But what got my full attention was the fact that they are proud of their different "peri-peri sauces" that have one thing in common, they are HOT, but in different degrees.


And so, the gang challenged me to use the "Extra hot" sauce, since I always say I ADORE hot food, and so I did. I have to admit that I got a a little bit worried in the beginning, especially that Elie warned me that there have been many customers who screamed from the "extra hot" they tried. But I said "what the heck, there will always be Pepsi to wash it down if things got out of control.

And while I was busy trying the "extra hot" sauce, Carlos couldn't stand the "mild hot", and started ordering as much "sprite" as possible! Soon he was followed by Nabil, though the latter tried the "hot" one.

Carlos before the "sauce


Carlos after the "sauce"

As for me, I was able to survive the "extra hot" sauce. I admit it was the hottest sauce I tried in Liban, but it wasn't to the level that I would go madly asking for Pepsi to wash it down :)

Unfortunately, between the "extra hot" and taking pictures, I forgot to get a picture of me with the gang, But all in all, it was a lovely night, and we ALL encourage you all to try Nando's out :)



Liliane said...

I really like Nando's, very good restaurant, very good food :D

Anonymous said...

hey failasoof,first time to leave a comment on your blog,i do love what u write about and your style and i thank you for writing to me all the time,hope u r doing great

am still trying to start the drive against women abuse thing,it's just a bit hard,if u have ideas dont hesitate,i always appreciate ur feedback:-)

anyway,take care and read from u soon:-D

FaiLaSooF said...

can't agree more

welcome to my blog :)
and no need to thank me for commenting on ur blog, i just admire what you are trying to do, and i happen to like how you write and what you say.

Keep commenting on my blog :)

Mustapha said...

People who live in Africa like me have been familiar with Nando's for some time. It's a pride of South Africa. When I saw Nando's open in Lebanon I was so happy to finally be able to have Peri Peri in Lebanon..

But to have the really hot stuff, you need to come to the black continent buddy, everything else (except maybe for India) is bogus.

FaiLaSooF said...

so i finally made u comment on my blog, i wish i knew nando's looong time be4 :)

you are right about the "hot stuff", living in kuwait, i'm familiar with the "indian hot" which is quite hot man lol. But some friends are telling me that the japanese sauce offered with sushi is a very strong hot, though i'm not a big fan of sushi, but i'll give it a try and let you kno about it.

take care, and keep commenting :)

Khawwta said...

It's very nice to know that someone is having fun in Lebanon.. khayy fachit khili2