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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Huge Mistake, PM Seniora

I was one of the biggest supporters of PM Seniora, and was very proud of his honest response and behavior during the last Israeli-HA war. But I have to say that he made a HUGE MISTAKE.

The very first and most important thing that pushed us to make the Cedar's Revolution a living truth was our desire to gain our freedom of running our business on our own. It is the main pillar in March 14th movement. We refused, and we are still refusing any foreign interference in our internal affairs. We didn't march in March 14th, and support the government with everything we can so we end up replacing Syria with KSA, Iran, USA, or any other country.

While we do thank KSA for its unlimited support, and continuous efforts to establish peace in Liban, but to accept the logic of KSA naming the kingpin minister in the Lebanese government is totally UNACCEPTABLE.

Hope PM Seniora will take back his last comment, and realize that what he committed a horrible mistake by asking KSA to name a Lebanese minister, for no one of us is willing to accept such a step.


شهيدة said...

Salam Failasoof

first of all im glad for u to say a word of truth like that> but i hope that u also listen to other statements said by Saniora
like "i wont agree on any mobadara for solution if the US wasnt in it..." and like what dearest condi said about the ministry of Saniora is the primery line of defence for the US benefits in the middle east
what do uthink about these sayings?
if u really refuse any foreign interfence i guess u should listen each and every word Saniora and his fellows say

i replied on ur comment on Junblat's post i hope u read it


FaiLaSooF said...

welcome to my blog, and I hope that you will be a constant reader and commenter :)

I've just read on reply to my comment on your blog, and I write a reply as well.

Hope to see you here more often :)

FaiLaSooF said...

reagarding Seniora's statement about a settlement with or without USA involvement, give me a break, you really think that any settlement can live in Liban if Iran, USA and KSA are involved in it?

But sure, there's a difference between an agreement that is fulfilled by Lebanese, and other which is applied by foreigners, regardless who are these foreigners

Khawwta said...

الحقيقة البشعة بلبنان إنو البلد ما بيمشي بدون دعم خارجي
هيك كتبولنا تاريخنا كل الأوادم وهيك عم بيكفوا
فما تتعب حالك ولا تتوقع إنو حدا من هالطقم السياسي كلو يتصرف بدون بركة خارجية

الله يساعد هالبلد ما بحياتو رح يتحرر

Anonymous said...

Hi Failasoof, sorry fro the late reoly: its hard to reply when you stuck in business delays thanks to the ethical 'practices' of your beloved Triploi folk: they brought me up to Tripoli for a week only to try shod me and then brought sectarianism into it: on my storming out of the building I heard a person say 'shoo hal khashabe' (an insult to chrsitians that lebanese sunnis, especially those in Australia I have heard from relatives, use to describe chrsirtians such as myself and they accusing me of hating them because I was not accustomed to their 'traditions'! (what is that suppost to mean!?) I really undertsand what your chrsitians friewnd said now about some sunnis: I really have depressed this past week.

Anyway, now lets look at your questions:

"Concerning al-mustaqbal, I never said that they are 100% right, in fact they have many mistakes, and so do many other parties. But the main points of their policy nowadays fit my agenda and beliefs, and that's why I consider them allies."

Really, you consider them allies, this same that which YOU have JUST criticised that wants Saudia Arabia, the country that is the focal point of hate thus being the only unifyer for LF and Aounists, to choose a 'neutral' (as long as he is wahabbi) minister!!!!

You say when has Maustaqbal has ever been influenced by outside parties. This same party, which praised the 'martyrs' of HA when the war broke then lashed HA whne the Saudi scums criticised HA's 'adventures'??? Os this same party that kept (and still do like dogs) beggimg Sasudi Arabia to inyervene with a solution and when they did, rejected it when Feltman istructed them so, and then Saad Hariri like an idiot goes on national TV and admits this was a mistake!!!!! So letting this way the opposition have as much ammunition as possible and the lF and phalange showing disgust with Hariri!

"As for my statement being full of hate and ignorance, where did you sense that? All I said was that I believe the choices of March 14th are the ones that seem Lebanese to me, which is why I'm siding with it."

-in this statement my friend you have contradicted yourself, re-read it again: please, 'they seem lebanese to me': DO NOT tag people as lebanese and some others (ie the opposition) as not, it is wrong: though i disagree with the oppoosition, I conaider all the parties lebansese, as I realised that lebanon will aleways have divisions, and with every sect being a minority, no-one (especially Mustaqbal!) can claim to be lebanese soley and others not! (even though HA are to me nothing but unstabling and simple strange fanatics, I do consdier them to be more honourable than Mustaqbal, consaidering the fact they did not burn chrsitians' churches (like mustaqbal supporters did) after the 2000 israeli pullout.

"If Iran and Syria accepted an agreement in Liban where the opposition doesn't have the blocking third, what would the opposition's (mainly HA) reaction?" Failasoof think! the whole reason they want the blocking third is beacuase Syria and Iran want them to! And even if these two extremist ountries don't want it in the end, they will get something in return, even if its a bribe from Hariri (HA will consider this 'victory' and buy more weapons, instead of having what they think wahabbi ISF or LF taking their truckloads of weapons (even though sunnis in Triploi have astounded the world and have manged to import ONE ak-47 from weapon-land AKA Iraq ha ha ha idiots)

"Did Americans want Berri to be elected Speaker of Parliament? Did the Americans wanted HA in the government form the first place? If March 14th were slaves of US, how come Berri was elected, and HA joined the Government???!!"

-You really need to know you politics better: the Amal goons would have started a civil war if Berri was not re-elected; he is the dictator of shia-land did you not know? And plus, Berri was on good terms with Rafik and mustaqbal (ie $$$) especially when Rafik got killed, so there was never an issue with Amal, as Amal is nowhere as strong as HA, anyone can tell you this. And of course HA joined the governemnt! they have been since 1991! And what better way to to keep a potential enemy in check than to join his governenment and decide to stuff him up by resiging for 5 months and then permanenetly as HA did causing the current crisis (hint! hint!)

"True, the Americans have an INFLUENCE on March 14th, but the decisions are purely Lebanese, can you claim the same regarding HA, SSNP, Baath and the rest?"
-Of course, what party does not have external backers??????

Anyway, really do enjoy your blog and appreciated how you made your anti-sinoira post regarding the 'saudi' decision: I am sure if we were to meet we would have many (friendly) arguments and somke much nargileh ha ha; dont take anything perosnally my friend

please reply, and keep well

Sham said...

hey Failasouf, thanx for leaving am interesting comment on my blog. we might disagree in politics, but we certainly share the concern towards our nations.

i'll add you to my Google reading list, hope to meet you one day in Beirut.


FaiLaSooF said...

you can't be more right, foreign influence has been affecting Liban through out history. But at one time, we should realize that though foreign influence can be a major factor, we are still the main players, and we can change the rules of the game, if we really want to.

You're more than welcomed to comment on my blog. And hopefully we could meet some day, whenever you are in Beirut, please e-mail me and we can meet :)

man, it is always a huge task to try to reply to you lol. But why don't you tell me your name so at least we can communicate by our names?

As for your last reply, I can say that you are missing my point, probably I need to "show" when I'm being sarcastic, and when I'm being serious. I'll ry working on that from now on.

I'll try to reply probably to you as soon as possible, but bear with me for I have test the coming week, and I need some time to study.

It would be great to sit with you, debate peacefully, and smoke 2argeeleh, as they say "dakhen 3layya tanjali" lolllloooool

Anonymous said...

fAILASOOF, my name is Antione.

Will alk to you soon: besat of luck with study, and will argue more after exams ha ha ha

FaiLaSooF said...

nice meeting you man. Waiting to see you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Failasoof

Now where'smy reply to the above post????????

(P.S. hope you did well in exam)