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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Reply To Jamal

Jamal sent me an e-mail explaining to me the "strict rules" for mijana songs, and how I didn't follow them as I should. IT seems it needs good understanding of Arabic to be able to write a mijana song.
And since I make sure that things are put in its right place, I wanted to mention that my reply to jamal's mijana was NOT a mijana, you can consider it a simple song :)
Thanks jamal for the explanation.

A dear friend of mine was "inspired" to write a "mijana" (Lebanese traditional songs type) against March 14th. As I was reading his innovation, I was inspired to reply to his lovely mijana by a similar one:

Here's Jamal's mijana:

شـو عملـت برجــال الله يــا ابن صيــدا يا بــار
نَقَعْتُن ميــة يــوم و يـــوم بوِجّ الـبـودا بــار
ما شمّوالوسكي يوم واليوم ما بيشربوا غير أولد بار
من بــاب الجنّة لنـــار جهنّم رقص و غِنــا
أوف أوف أوف أوووووف
Gateauفؤاد عم ياكل سنيــورة فنمـورة ف
فـتـفـت فــات ينـام فبرد و شخّر فغطّـــو
يا ست نايلة ناطرين نسمع من تمّك ال"فَغَتو"
وباقييــن بخيمــنا لتفلّوا عن سراينا

And here is mine:

نصرالله شو عملت فينا
بالنصر وعدت و كرمالك جينا
تسعين يوم و أكتر و بعدك بتدعينا
خربنا نص البلد و أكيد مش سائلينا
طالما من خيرك ايران عم طعمينا

السرايا بعيدي عن منالنا
لأنو الحق مش بين ايدينا
أولمرت اعترف بالحقيقة
انو شبعا كانت بترجع لينا
بس انت ما بدك شبعا
بدك "حجة" تسلاحك يبقا بايدينا

جايي الحقيقة و جايي اليوم اللي فيه بينعرف
مين الوفي و مين فينا الخايينا
اووووووف اوووف اووووف


Bedouina said...

Okay, I read through it and I get what it's about but I don't get what it's really saying. My Arabic is like a six-year-old's.

Translation please?
Here's how much I got:
Nasrallah something because of you it's 90 days and more something
in the middle of town and something
you didn't ask us
something from your happiness Iran fed us(?)
The Serail (?) is far from mnalnah (?) because truth is not between our hands (?)

Please help. I'm sorry I'm so ignorant in ARabic.

Liliane said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

Nasrallah what did you to us
Victory u promised and so we came
90days and more, still u invite us
we ruined dawntown but sure we dont care..
thanks to u Iran always feed us

Serail is away from us
cause thr truth we don\t have
Olmert said it all
that Shabaa can be back to us
but u dont want shaba
u need an "excuse" to the arsenal

teh truth is coming, and the day is coming
when the "honest" among us and the "traitir" will be known

ooof ooof oof

Khawwta said...

wala ma bikoun chi bil MIJANA
w ana kint mfakra inno hal jil ma bihib la l3ataba w la lMijana

Anonymous said...

ya 7akim, hal jemli kella ghalat ya 3youni:
Time Left To Kick Emile Lahoud Out of Baabda

ma fiha logique,
if u want to Kick him out, do it now, or it's not a kick out after 255 days.
3a albak e3ed

Anonymous said...

ur blog is so so shallow...