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Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Anniversary Tent City!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, It has been a whole full year, since the opposition transformed our lovely-source-of-bride-Down-Town into a one of a kind Tent City.

One must sit back and evaluate the opposition's experience, and what were the results of their sit-in. Here goes the numbers:

  • According to Mr. Tarek Barakat, a member of the local restaurant association, 75 restaurant, bar and coffee shops had closed, and 2700 employees lost their jobs.
  • Tony Salameh, owner of a chic department store, said of the Tent City. "The Arab tourists are no longer coming. Businesses are in despair and are moving out."
  • About 80 shops had closed or had moved away from DT.
  • Senior'a Government has not been toppled, instead, It has the Executive powers of the President, till a new president is elected.
  • Businessmen are asking the Government to put an end to the sit-in
Yet, the opposition is planning to (yes, I'm not kidding!), to celebrate the first anniversary of the sit-in, and to ensure to all Lebanese, that the sit-in will continue for YEARS to come till Seniora's Government is toppled!!!!

Can we put some reason into this? Can we "talk" to those supporting the sit-in? Explaining how such moves will lead to nothing but more suffering? According to Prince Arslan: "The sit-in has prevented Israeli flags waving in the middle of Beirut , and put an end to the American plan for Lebanon".

See the logic???!!

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