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Friday, October 05, 2007

FPM Militia?!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure, I present to you the FPM militia!

Of course, having pictures that shows with clear evidences their training, and having clear confessions from these young men and women themselves that they are FPMers, all that doesn't convince the FPM officials. On the contrary, they accuse the ISF of being the "State's militia"??!! If you can ever find such a term!!

To understand FPM point"S" of view, you can read their explanation here , and another one there.

Anyway, according to, this is what happened:

The security forces denied that they had made the arrests without authorization, insisting that they had acted following an investigation ordered by military prosecutors.

"In response to evidence and photographs showing people undergoing military training in the Fghal district of the Jbeil region, using weapons and wearing uniforms, we launched an investigation on orders from the military prosecutor to identify those taking part and determine their aims," a statement said.

Those detained "said they were members of the FPM and admitted that they had undergone training with fellow militants," it added.

So, according to FPM MPs, the Orange General is trusting this young man to "body guard" him! Well, maybe the General needs to teach the guy how to hold the weapon first, don't you think?

More pictures can be found here, and there

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