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Monday, January 28, 2008

President Sleiman...No More??

Army men lost in the middle of nowhere??!

What really happened yesterday? A question that needs an answer.

Someone would say: "It's very simple, people are just fed up of all the suffering and injustice they are facing, and they went out on streets asking for their rights. But the Evil hands used this opportunity to start a war that would never end."

Another would argue: "How come such riots ONLY happens in the Opposition-based territories? And HA ones to be exact? And how come that it always comes along a major turning point in the political crises? This was nothing but a political, opposition-aided movement to put more pressure in bargaining."

But one must follow the situation carefully. Right now, everybody is waiting for the Army Commander's next move, while trying their best to gain whatever that can be gained from last night unfortunate incidence.

The opposition, is clearly divided over the matter. HA's Media-arm AlManar is lunching a huge attack on the Army, asking why these "innocent" people were shot at, who gave such orders to "assassinate" civilians, and clearly pointing out fingers towards "traitors" among the Army and the Majority. HA's MP Ali Ammar said: “The blood of the people of the south and of Dahieh cannot be used as a stepping stone by those aspiring to high positions”. Mr. Kmati, also stressed that HA is "questioning" the whole General Sleiman candidacy now, after what happened yesterday.

Amal and FPM officials, on the other hand, tried their best to blame M14, insisting on that the Army is still "The only symbol of National Unity in the country now", and accusing M14 militias (AKA Lebanese Forces) of trying to "break" the historic, strong, and unbreakable ties between the Opposition and the Army. They also put their "100% trust" in the Army once again, as it is doing what should be done to "reveal" the true "traitors" who caused this massacre.

M14 is blaming the Syrain-Iranian axis for the whole mess, claiming that this is nothing but putting more pressure over the Arab summit in Cairo. LF Leader Jeajea stressed that the Army is not to be held responsible, mocking the Opposition's accusations against LF, and stressing that yesterday's riots were organized by the opposition, as such riots ONLY take places in HA's areas. Minister Safadi said that the riots "Used the Electricity cut crisis" to cover the real political goals out of the whole incident yesterday, stressing that "Sheyah area received more electricity than all other areas of Mont Liban yesterday!!!" Majoirty Leader Hariri focused on the "uselessness" of such empty riots, and that such behavior will only drive the country into the unknown.

But the main question remains.... Who were those snipers? How were they ready -all of a sudden- and knew exactly were to hide, and who to kill (an Amal official) ? And how didn't the Army notice them?

Many theories can be applied here. One theory would say that there's a third hand in the process, trying to benefit from the endless instability, to bring the country back to the ages of Civil War. But this theory uses the terms "them, third power, Evil hands" with no true evidence, and thereby, can't be trustworthy.

The opposition-theory says that it is in fact M14 who were behind these snipers, so that they can put the Army into a face-to-face conflict with HA. But such theory can't explain how was M14 able to know when this riot was going to happen, and who they should kill of all the people in it, unless of course, there are people in M8 who are cooperating with M14 to put an end to HA's Arsenal!!!!!

Another theory says that it is part of Syria's new rejection to General Sleiman candidacy. Ghassan Tueni stressed on this point in his editorial, pointing out that the best way to "burn" Sleiman's card is to "eliminate" the Army's neutrality.

Whatever the hidden reasons behind yesterday's clashes, one thing is very clear right now: The county is moving towards full chaos, and the only party that can benefit from such chaos, is the one that would be most hurt if stability is ever regained one day.....

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Ace said...

Right now, it's a "win/win" for Hezbollah. They burn Suleiman (Syria says he is no longer acceptable) and the escalation in the street is just what Nasrallah promised. He spends 18 months destroying the economy, and then protests against the poor conditions that he is responsible for. After all, he needs some sort of semi-valid reason to protest. It would not do at all to be up front and just say, "We are now taking over Lebanon".