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Monday, December 07, 2009

Our Heroes

I know I haven't published anything in a VERY long time, mainly because politics in Liban these days has decided NOT to follow democracy as the whole world recognize it, and used it's own version of "CONSENT DEMOCRACY".

But, and because we have to RECOGNIZE those who deserve to, this post is named for our own Interior Minister, Mr. Ziad Baroud, who was recently elected by Magazine Monocle, as one of the top 25 persons in the world who made a difference in their countries.

One can only be PROUD, and pray that we will see more of Mr. Baroud in the near future for the seek of our country.

Unfortunately, you need to be a subscriber to the magazine to read the article, but according to Lebanese-web-sites (Lebanese-forces and elnashra) the article talks about hoe extraordinary Baroud is, and his great effects on the political environment in the country.

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