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Friday, July 06, 2007

What Are You Doing on 7-7-7??!!

Beirut is witnessing an unusual "crisis" these days. No, it's not a political nor a security kind of crisis, it is a "what to do on the lucky day 7-7-07?" kind of crisis!!!

Most couples (if not all of them) are planning to get married on the lucky three seven date; "We're very excited about that, it is something that happens once in the whole history, and we will be part of it!" an excited pride-to-be is telling her friends. "I think it is a great idea, though we've been living a nightmare trying to get everything organized; all churches, flower shops, catering agencies, hotels are fully booked!".

It seems that even though the intense situation in Liban is very unstable, yet Lebanese are not willing to waste such an important date goes by. Churches, Islamic ma'azoun (Religious figure who complete the marriage services in Islam" are fully booked for the event. Hotels, flower shops, catering agencies, and everything related to wedding is on "Red Alert" trying to make as much successful weddings as possible, and of course prices have doubled and even tripled because of that.

Another good thing is tat many people are coming to Liban on that day especially to attend weddings. "My best friend is getting married on 7-7-7 in Beirut, and I've wanted to come to Liban this summer since I couldn't last year, so it's going to be very amazing I hope" a lady said about her plans to come to Liban.
Casino De Liban is witnessing an unexplained demand on slot machines and gambling on the lucky number 777. Many people are planing to spend the day there hoping that they could get lucky and hit the jackpot.

Young boys and girls are planning to go to night clubs and celebrate the day in their very own way. Many bars and night clubs have announced special offers on the 7-7-7 night.

As it for me, I'm planning to move in to my new apartment on 7-7-7, hopefully this will be a new good beginning in my life :)

Beirut, once again, is facing instability with its undefeated desire to live, and the Lebanese are showing yet one more time how much they love life, and how much they treasure Liban. But what about you? What are you doing on 7-7-7? Share us with your thoughts....


kheireddine said...

Nothing much Faylasoof...

Khawwta said...

Tharrrrrrrrrrrak l iktissad on 7/7/2007
3anjad inno l libnaniyi bihibo l hayat :)