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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yeslam hal Tem! (God Save Such Mouth)

This blog used to think that no other politician can even dare to compete with Weam Wahhab when it comes to rude vulgar statements. Who can forget his famous "I consider the Tribunal as low as my sleepers" ??

But I stand corrected, as our orange General out-passed Mr. Wahhab and by far. In a conference he held almost an hour ago, Aoun was "in the zone", using all his skills to fire vulgar and rude remarks, especially to Mr. Amin Gemayel.

One of note, however, which defeated Mr. Wahhab's past statements was "When it comes to honesty Shiekh Amin, you can hardly reach the level of my trousers' belt".

How lucky are we with our politicians??!! I'm sure the other side will "entertain" us with much of the lovely comments and statements!

Shame on you......


Anonymous said...

and i thought we had shitty politicians here that are pros at mud slinging. i just don't understand how anybody in their right mind would support him. and before people start with the "war lords" rhetoric, all the politicians are dirty. if they can change their politics and look for the good of the country, then i say that is great. aoun, from what i see, is putting his agenda above the country.

GK said...

This guy has Alzheimer. He has all the symptoms of the early stage of Alzheimer. By the way, how old is he although some get Alzheimer as early as 50s but will not progress to advance stages until years after.