Always in Our Minds....

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tribunal For Liban

They doubted us. They accused us of traitor. They wanted us to “move on”. They denied us our rights. They laughed at us for wanting justice and truth. And they kept on murdering us.

But we refused to surrender, to stop dreaming, to accept the reality, that we are not united, that we are not independent, that we don’t have democracy, and we won.

March 1st, 2009, justice is near, the truth is closer than ever before. The tribunal is a fact, not an theory. It’s a reality, not an illusion. It’s the fruit of our survival.

Congratulations Liban, congratulations to all our Martyrs, to each and every one of you who refused to give up, to all of us dreaming of an independent, stable, prosper Liban.

To my Idol Gebran, wish you were here with us today. It should have been you standing at Freedom Square, talking to us, congratulating us, promising us never to surrender, never to give up, never to lose faith, never to stop dreaming. But I’m certain that your soul is here with us, I can almost see you your face, with a huge smile on your face, and tears of joy in your eyes.

It’s a glorious day, to a glorious country. Congratulations Liban……