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Friday, April 03, 2009

Let Them Try……

It’s Thursday.  It’s the day they have feared for a long time. It’s the day where they all couldn’t wait to read your editorial,  hoping they won’t be revealed, they won’t be exposed, that they would survive yet another week.

You were the voice of the nation. You were the beat of the nation. We have always waited for you, waited for your editorials. We wanted you to unmask the cowards, the thieves, the  hypocrites.

Now, after more than two years of your assassination, guess what dearest Gebran? They are still AFRAID, they are still SMALL, they are still COWARDS.

Yet, some of them thought  that they have the right to talk about you. To question your stands and beliefs, to lecture us about what you really meant, or what you said or where you stand.

Those low-life-journalist-wanna-be forgot that you were assassinated, not forgotten. That you are and will always stay alive in our souls, in our dreams, in our eternal hope for a better Liban. That no matter what they say, and no matter what they do, they wont be able to change us, or change our eternal beliefs.

Let them try, dear Gebran. They are exposed, naked, and small. While we are strong, faithful and loyal.


Khawwta said...

lovely post as usually.

Nabilchitown1 said...

very good post and good blog, Gibran and Samir are the icons and the torches that lit the way for Lebanon's freedom and democracy along with the March 14 leaders like Jemayel,Dr. Jaja, and Hariri.
God protect and bless Lebanon. and all the best for Lebanon to stay independent and democratic. may the cedar of Lebanon be always above all and may the lady of Harisa protect Lebanon.
I am not Lebanese, but i am a friend of Lebanon and I love Lebanon.