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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Naser Kandil, Are You Kidding Me??!

Every now and then, Lebanese political scene witnesses funny events. So funny, that you can't even believe it would happen!

To my surprise, Mr. Kandil - do you still remember him? yea he is the cheerful dude who speaks excellent Arabic, and spends hours talking without actually getting anything out of him but "Long Live Syria, Long Live Dr. Assad"- made a press conference, and guess for what occasion? The 2nd Anniversary of the Syrian Troops withdrawal from Liban!!!

And as if this is not weird enough, wait till you know what he was talking about! He was hoping that this anniversary will declare the end of "follow ship" of Liban to Khaddam's orbit!!! And that it was Khaddam who ruled the country for the pat 30 years, and he still rules it till the moment!

As we all say, such things can only happen in our dear Liban, so funny, so sad...I don't know what to or how to feel.

Just one thing, though, Liban is independent, and its government is trying its best to complete all factors of true independence, even though people like Mr. Kandil are still trying their best to return back to power, and suppress the Lebanese free will. Two years ago, the what was so called "the impossible" became a shining fact we are all proud of. And we are NOT giving up, till we see our Liban as we always dreamed about.

Happy Second Anniversary Liban.....


Khaddam - Fact said...

Umm..yeah Khaddam was the de-facto ruler of Lebanon. Get your history probably only know Roustoum Ghazeleh or Ghazi Kenaan. Those 3 bled Lebanon dry. Just because Khaddam swtiched sides for his own interests doesn't mean that he didn't screw us over for decades.

FaiLaSooF said...

Dear reader,
no one said that Khaddam didn't rule Liban for the past 30 years. Everybody knows that. The funny part was in Kandil saying Liban is still running in Khaddam's orbit, that's the funny part my friend.