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Friday, April 13, 2007

Scary at First, Smart idea in the End!

I was on my way to Zahrieh, Tripoli to pick up my sister from her training, when all of a sudden a chopper came really close and started spreading flayers of different colors!

Needless to say, people panicked! and start running in fear, and some reached high for the flayers, me included.

When I read it, I got a smile on my face. Here is an example of what these flayers were all about:


"Say no to Civil War. Let them argue, but NOT on our expense"

"Lebanese females for Civil Peace"

"Tenzeker ta ma ten3ad" "To be remembered...No to be repeated". God Bless Liban

1 comment:

Riad said...

Femalws in a chopper and being very loud.....only in lebanon eh Failasoof?

ha ha