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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nahar l Shabab...Thank you

جرة لبحرية 2

"In April 26th, 2005, The Last Syrian soldier withdrew from Liban.

And for this occasion, this jar was broken at the borders."

I woke up today as usual, and went to my class, just like any other usual day. Everybody was busy doing whatever s/he does on daily bases, children going to their schools, adults running to catch their work on time, and of course taxi drivers making the traffic jam even more worse than ever possible!

A typical Lebanese morning in Beirut, you wouldn't tell that there's something special about this particular day. Maybe it's the ever rising tension that keeps everybody on edge, and just decides that it is better to just focus on daily tasks, and just pray for some miracle to happen.

My class was over, and so I headed to the bookshop to get my copy of Annahar newspaper, as I do every Thursday, and then I saw it! Finally some one remembers! Someone actually recalls that April 26th is NOT an ordinary day.

She was Nayla Tueni, her editorial at Nahar l Shabab section just made my day. I honestly felt as if I'm reading the late Gebran, God bless his soul. Wonderful editorial that I encourage everyone to read. You can read it here.

As I went through Nahar l Shabab pages, I was overwhelmed with all the articles, all written by Lebanese youth, honoring our struggle, remembering our sacrifices and reminding all of us that our dream will always be alive.

You did again dear Gebran! You lit the fire in me yet one more time. This is what you do, even when you are in Heaven, you still find a way to affect our life. Thank you for Nahar l shabab, and thank you, Nayla, for an amazing editorial that remind us of your father. NO! OUR father, Gebran was a father to all those of us who believed and still in Liban. And even though the criminal hands thought that by assassinating him, they will be able to suppress us, Gebran proved them wrong....

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