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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Berri.....You Need To Do Your Job

No word can describe how low we have reached! No word can justify or find an excuse for what that so-called media figure said. NBN should apologize, and should declare very clearly that such behavior is NOT acceptable. This reporter should be fired AT ONCE.

I can't see how can Speaker of House, Berri, keep silent towards such things. When are you going to stand and do your job??! You have the obligation to open the Parliament, not just issue mourns every time a March 14th MP gets assassinated!

This blog joins Mustapha's attempts to force NBN into taking the right measures against that reporter, for more info, check this link.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think the Berri is pleased with all the chaos and destruction that is going on? Yes, he issues condolences, but does he real mean them? The man is an enemy of this country and what it can be. He is a Syrian accomplice, and an Iranian agent. It is not surprising to see him and his TV reporters gleefully happy about the assassinations. How twisted and his so-called "opposition" are? They are not men, they are criminals!

Anonymous said...

The anchorwoman's full name is "Sawsan Al-Abtah Darwish"