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Thursday, June 21, 2007

LAF Has Finished Its Operations In Nahr-l-Bared Camp

According to the Minister of Defense Mr. I. Murr, the LAF has finished its operation in Nahr-l-Bared Camp against Fath-l-Islam group.

The announcement was made in the famous LBC's talk-show "Kalam-n-nass" with Marcel Ghanem.

Mr. Murr elaborated that the Army is doing a "cleaning operations" in the time being to make sure that the camp is free of any terrorists.

Great news, no it is AMAZING news. Our national army showed the whole world its full capacity to defend the National Security, without being afraid of the ever-lasting saying "division and collapse of the army".

Our thanks goes to each and every soldier who made this day possible, and our deep condolences to all our martyrs who died for the sake of Liban....


Anonymous said...

r u really that stupid? the army lost more than 70 soldiers fighting in almost a month period a bunch of unorganized group of around 300!!

with my respect to our army and the sacrifices our soldiers gave, this was not a military victory....keep fooling yourself, idiot!

FaiLaSooF said...

Fath-l-Islam plan was to establish it's very own "imara" in the WHOLE North, so no matter what you say, what the Army did was a true victory.

I'd agree with you that the army casualties were too high, but you have to put in mind that 30 of them were killed even before the operations in Nahr-l-Bared even started. So, as a conclusion, only 40 were killed through the operation, most by snipers.

So no, anonymous, I'm not fooling myself, instead I'm heading in a few hours back to Tripoli to enjoy the freedom that was maintained by our brave Army victory.

La Lebanessa said...


Ignore Anon, nobody said this was an easy war, but it was won nontheless.

There are those among us who probaly would have wished for the army to lose so they can say "see, this is why we need el hizb to fight for us", so this is a great set back to them and now they're trying to deflate the victory as much as they can. You can tell they're really pissed off because their language degenrates into name-calling.

As for the rest of us, we stand behind our counrty and our army 100%. One Army, One People, One Lebanon.

Legend Of The Fall said...

I am very happy to hear that. I hope that Lebenon finds its stability and to be back as it used to be: Switzerland of the Middle East and Arab World.

Khawwta said...

are you upset from the fact that the army is defending our country
God bless our army...

badna nkamil belli bi2you

Shirin said...

I'm so proud to see how the army defends our country. I think the army had proved lately that it deserves the title-"the true guardian of Lebanon"

FaiLaSooF said...

Can't agree more with you dear.
keep your comments coming :)

we are not giving up, no mater what...