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Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting Closer To The Grnad Finale...Or Is It Just The beginning?

Things are getting more and more intense. It seems that we can’t have some rest nowadays. From the terrorism hitting the North, to the assassination coming after the majority, to the crime of keeping the Parliament closed, to the latest accident of HA men KIDNAPPING (and we can’t say ARRESTING, because HA has no official authority) three Internal Security Forces officers; it seems that we are into a long dark tunnel.

We’ve been used to the news about Naher-l-Bared refugee camp lately; we don’t seem to see how this crisis will end. And every time we hear that the Army is advancing more and more, we mourn yet more martyrs. Latest news, however, indicates that hopefully the crisis has come to an end, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

And the assassinations continue, targeting yet another March 14th MP, and resulting in an additional decrease in the majority (68 now). I don’t know what to say, anger and sadness are all over our daily life. It seems we’re living simply because we were lucky enough NOT to be close to the random bombs and explosions taking place any where, any time.

All this, and our Parliament is still closed! As if the job of the MPs is to just sit home and awaits their death (it seems to the case for the majority members). And all what our beloved Speaker of House could do is to shower us with his excellent Arabic quotes, and mourning over our martyrs, instead of taking the courageous stand, allowing the Parliament -he took hostage- to do what it is meant to do, solve the Nation’s crisis.

And as if all that is not enough, today we learn that HA is kidnapping Internal Security Forces men!!! On what bases does HA think it can behave in such a manner?! Unless they are actually convinced they have their own state, and so they feel free to do whatever they want!! HA is demanded to clear this issue as soon as possible, and the Government shouldn’t just stand and watch such actions to be passed without counter- measures.

The Government is to hold a session, during which it will initiate the elections procedure for filling the two seats in the Parliament in Matn and Beirut, regardless of President Lahoud signature. As much as I believe that electing the new two MPs is ESSENTIAL so that the criminals won’t achieve their goal of reducing the majority but yet I don’t think that by-passing the Presidency seat is a wise thing to do, since we will be undermining the Maronite pillar of the Republic yet more. It’s complicated, and God knows what will happen next. But I can’t be but glad for the fact that the Government is finally having a spine, and started taking decisions, instead of just sitting and ask for support without actions.

Situation seems gloomy, but we can’t but to keep attached to our faith in better Liban. We can’t just give up after all the sacrifices we made, and just hand the country over to yet another era of domination and suppression. We have an obligation to continue our struggle, and we just too much in love with Liban to simply give u and walk away.

and the question remains..... are we reaching the grand finale? Or it's only the beginning of the crisis?


Blacksmith Jade said...

Typo in the title...

...we'll keep working towards a better Lebanon, hopefully some of our countrymen will join us in this endeavor, otherwise we'll pay the price.

Khawwta said...

I believe that it's gonna end soon... khalli imanak kbir

FaiLaSooF said...

This is the ONLY way out for us, to keep working towards a better Liban

you endless hope is an excellent model to follow

Legend Of The Fall said...

I would like to know that you are not alone in Lebanon. Many are supporting you. Keep faith in God and in your capacity of making a difference and of building a better Lebanon. Here in Tunisia, we love you so much and we are very sad for what is happening to your country..Allah ye7mikon.

FaiLaSooF said...

legends of the fall,
You made me speechless! Thanks for your honest feelings. And sure Liban is your country :)

Thanks again, and I promsie we won't give up!