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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Al Manar TV

manar tv

After Seniora's last conference yesterday, I expected a "hard" reaction from the opposition. However, watching Al-Manar TV, you realize that their way in delivering news is just "Disgusting"!

I'm sorry, but this is the best word to describe it. In their ticker news banner, Al-Manar TV is saying right now (you can check it out if you like): "Seniora call the Southern Suburb a "Jungle"" "After 10 months, Seniora still insist to refuse to give money to those who deserve it from the Southern Suburb"

As I'm writing this post, Al-Manar Tv is broadcasting a political talk show, hosting ex. MP Jihad Samad, where he's saying: "The opposition struggle is an ever-lasting one, it is the struggle between the good and the evil, the patriots and the traitors" "If the so-called majority think that they can't be punished by country's law, I want to remind hem that they can't run away from Divine punishment" "Hariri, Jaejae, Jumblatt and there gangs are living in palaces, where our people are starving to death"

This is how Al-Manar TV is "guiding" HA supporters, this is how they insist to call their "political opponents". And then we wonder why there's an ever-rising tension among Lebanese. Now, we know......


M. said...

Seriously, this is disgusting!
Here’s a good article published in Annahar today about the isolation of the Shiite community in Lebanon by its political representatives HA/Amal:
I just can't believe they're not aware of the danger of such an attitude.

Afif said...

Distorting the truth and lying always was and will be Hizbollah's specialty, they found it so effective during the war and are now using it as a weapon again, but this time against us.

Blacksmith Jade said...

Good post Failasouf. Reading it pissed me off, but thanks for putting it up.

Anonymous said...

But its ok for the govt. and its supporters to refere to the opposition as traitors and agents of foreign countries?

If you want to stop tension raising language start with those on your side before attacking those you oppose otherwise you are just being a hypocrite.

FaiLaSooF said...

All regular readers of my blog know very well that i point out unacceptable behavior of both March 14th and March 8th.

But no one can deny how the Shiites mean parties (though they are the sole representatives of the whole Shiites community in Liban) are badly abusing their media to show as if the Shiites are being targeted by the rest of the sects, and Al-Manar TV stands out in that issue.

One very good comparison of how different March 8th and March 14th attitude in dealing with similar cases would be comparing how March 8th reacted when the guy from Shamas family got killed, and how march 14th reacted when the two Ziads were kidnapped and killed (with the huge difference of being killed during a crazy riot and being kidnapped, killed and thrown in the middle of no where).

And one more very important thing, one side making a wrong step doesn't justify a similar attitude from the other side, am not I right about that? So if you are saying that Future TV is doing the same, please bring your prove, point out their mistake, but DON'T JUSTIFY THE HATE BEING BROADCASTED BY AL-MANAR TV.

Anonymous said...

Well its true that I am not a regularreader and cannot judge you on that, just this post.

I dont know how you read that the rest of the sects are targeting the Shia into what is written above. It is quite clear to me that it is refering specifically to the members of the ruling parties. How can that be sect based when there are people from every sect on both sides of this argument? Maybe that is the problem with Lebanon today. Maybe you think that if I call Seniora a crook I mean all Sunnis are crooks? If I call Jumblatt a treacherous fickle turncoat I mean all Druze are such?

The above is quite clear that it is refering to the politicians. And it also begins with "Siniora referes to the Dahyie as a jungle". Is that not insulting? If he refers to it as a jungle what does that mean he thinks of the people that live there? And is that not more insulting?

Yes, that is a good comparison. Why was the govt. so eager to catch the killers of the Ziads and yet not one of the people FILMED shooting at people were arrested?

Of course two wrongs do not make a right and I AM NOT JUSTIFYING anything. I am pointing out that every pro-government blog on the web quite casually and continuously insults members of the opposition (as well as the Shia in general on some of the more extreme ones). Suddenly becoming upset at this is a bit rich.

Therefore my point is why not start by going to the blogs that know and respect your opinion and tell them to stop using inflammatory language before telling those on the other side.

How many blogs, from yours to Blacksmith have pointed out the inconsistencies and lies in Sinioras statements about the reconstruction yesterday? If it was Hizballah who had done that Im betting the blogs would be full of maths equations of how the figures dont add up.

And what is factually incorrect about "Hariri, Jaejae, Jumblatt and there gangs are living in palaces, where our people are starving to death" ?

FaiLaSooF said...

In all your comment, you speak of generalities without one specific proof! Please be kind as to point out the things you see that March 14th is being spreading hate among Lebanese.

As for Seniora's calling the Southern Suburb by "Jungle", why can't you read the whole statement first? He was referring to the massive violations in construction there, he was talking about the chaotic situation, and how there is no state's control there, hence came the term "jungle". He wasn't by any means referring to its people as animals or any of what HA/Amal MPs are advertising for.

I'm NOT talking about the opposition in general, but specifically about HA and Amal. Read Al-Akhbar, check out Al-Manar and NBN, and you will see the quality of hate they are broadcasting, and how they are twisting everything to become as if it is a perfect plan to target Shiites. This is the huge mistake I'm pointing out, and this is what makes me, jade and others "disgusted".

You talk about Seniora's lies in the press conference. The man showed up with documents, statistics and he asked experts in the different ministries to come and explain. The Government made a full report (in numbers) about the whole re-construction efforts, and THE NAME OF EVERYONE WHO GOT ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY WAS MENTIONED ON THE INTERNET AT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE GOVERNMENT ( Please if you have any documents that show he is lying, give them to me and I'll be the FIRST ONE TO CALL HIM A BIG FAT LIER! But don’t just come and say "He's lying" without having one document to support your claims...

When a HA MP say "To the people of the Southern Suburb, do NOT get offended by what the Grand Serail occupier is saying, he is just showing the hate these people got against you" this will make Shiites believe that Sunnis are after them. When Nasrallah says "We (Shiites) have been killed, kidnapped, jailed, and accused of treason for the past 25 years, but we stood in our land", he's rising up the tension. Who is he accusing of targeting Shiites? This is the kind of hate and fear HA and Amal officials are spreading among the Shiite community in Liban.

I'm talking about a specific campaigns aiming at featuring March 14th as nothing but blood-seekers, with continuous reminding of what happen during the civil war, as if Amal and HA weren't part of it, and as if people have forgotten the massacres that took place during the civil war.


Who said that those who killed Shamas weren't arrested? Haven't you heard General Reefi announcing that they were two Syrian and one Palestinian, and that they are under custody now? But know, you just listen to what Mr. Nawaf El-Mosawy says, and the rest of the officials are nothing but traitors.

It is this that we are fighting, the "lie, lie and keep lying till you believe yourself" strategy. ONLY PROPPER AUTHORITIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO ADDRESS ACCUSATIONS. It was Mr. Mosawy's speech that caused the awful murder of the two Ziads.

As for the palaces thingy, what about Nasrallah and Berri, last time I check they live in their own palaces as well, doesn't that makes them part of the blood-sucking politicians in Liban? or no, such claims can be only made against Hariri, Jeajea and Jumblatt?

Here is what Seniora's said in his press conference:

read it, then tell me where are the lies, and when did he insult the Southern Suburb people.

And here is how HA media broadcasted the same news:

In all what Al-Akhbar said, there was not even one single "proof", again just accusations and more accusations, Not to mention the comments section.

And here's the hidden truth, HA wants its own company "wa3ed" to do all the construction efforts. NOT just that, HA wants the company to "get the money directly from the Government". And since Seniora was clear in that "money will be paid to the first-party persons ONLY", HA and Amal decided to declare yet another propaganda war against Seniora and the Government.

Once again, you have proofs, please show them!

Anonymous said...

did u delete my reply?

FaiLaSooF said...

i didn't get any reply from you man/girl. If you have one, please write it :)

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Furqan said...

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