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Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Should Be Done Now?

We need to "get some balls" and put an end to this nonsense!

As simple as that! There's only too much we can tolerate. If history taught us anything, it would be that the worst thing ever in such situations is to "contain it"! What the F*** are you talking about? Contain my sorry fat @$$.

Such terrorism should be dealt with it with MAXIMUM force. The Army is doing a heroic job, but it needs a political support, a damn OFFICIAL support. The government should be clear about that; enough is enough, PM Seniora and his cabinet should declare their full support for complete ERADICATION of Fat7-l-Islam from all over Liban. The opposition should declare a clear stand against the current situation in the North.

What's the use of being politicians if you can't take decisions when it matters the most? This is unacceptable, and this blog is CONDEMNING the awful absence of a clear stand!

This blog has been a strong supporter of Seniora's government, and now it is demanding a STRONG CLEAR SUPPORT TO OUR RAVE NATIONAL ARMY AND SECURITY FORCES. This blog is demanding the VERY SAME THING FROM THE OPPOSITION, ESPECIALLY HA.

This violence will soon spread to all over Liban if we don't put an end to it, not just "contain" it. Let's NOT make the same mistakes we did before, we have a country to look after, and we can't blame but ourselves of we lost it in such a way.....


JoseyWales said...

If history taught us anything

Faila, history has taught us absolutely nothing, which is why I left.

Anonymous said...

now what you said applies to two places in lebanon, tripoli and achrafieh.
allah ye7meh baladna :(
and what the hell are our politicians doing if they aren't protecting us!! damn them and the terrorists taking advantage of our security vacuum