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Thursday, May 24, 2007

To All Who Accuse The Lebanese Army Of Killing Innocent Civilians

More evidences that Lebanese are NOT racist who can't wait to get their hands on Palestinian refugees and just make them suffer more can be seen reading this article by Mostapha.

End of Update.

During the past couple of days, media and many blogs have been reporting the cruel racist targeting of innocent Palestinian civilians by the Lebanese Army. Some even went as far as comparing the Lebanese Army with the Israeli and American ones, and how they all share a common interest in targeting innocent civilians.

Such propaganda didn't save efforts to point out of how "racist, disgusting and ungrateful" the Lebanese people really are, for supporting their national army bombing Naher-l-Bared Refugee Camp!!

To all those, I'd like you to go visit the Lebanese Army official site here, and there, and see how throughout three days of clashes with the terrorist organization Fath-l-Islam, only ONE civilian was killed, and only 19 were injured. I think if we were targeting civilians, the casualties would have been much much higher, don't you think? Not to mention all the aid the Army as well as the Lebanese Red Cross provided for all the refugees who escaped Naher-l-Bared camp.


Anonymous said...

Let's also not forget that some Lebanese army men were also slaughtered in their sleep. Those poor men. No one wants innocents to die--but Fatah al Islam has crossed the line.

Umm Kais

Anonymous said...

amen my brotha.
i have one question to the palestinians.....why is it that the palis live in a host country and operate as an independent entity WITH WEAPONS? the army is not even allowed to go into the camps. perhaps the innocent civilians that were killed were caught in the crossfires and nothing more. this is pretty much a replica of 1975.
the syrians started the war in 75 using the palis, and they are trying the same tactic now, with the help of a made up group and perhaps ahmad jebril. i hope that it wont turn out the way it did in 75. i believe what is worse that what is being said about the army is what is being said about the hariris and govt vis a vis seymour hersh (even though he is spoon fed this info from syria).

Peter H said...

Isn't it possible that Lebanese Army might not be telling the full truth?

FaiLaSooF said...

peter h,
So now your are saying that you're believing Fatah-l-Islam terrorists and Al-Jazeera, and accusing the Lebanese Army of NOT saying the truth???!!

If that is your choice, then I have no comment....

Antione said...

Hello Failasoof dear friend

sorry for slackness: work

I hope your happy with the SUNNI Future movement and what their pathetic Saudi sponsors: fatah al islam, that HARIRI and co. aid to come to lebanon to create tensions with shia (and chrsiians as these same scum burnt our church down), and now the fanatics of Hezbollah are laughing as sunnis kill eachother.

Admit that Mustapha: Hairiri and his Saudi backers are F***HEADS!!!!

I am so sick of Hariri and siniora: both pure sectarian scum! Apart from being pro-wahabbi folls who are not even slilled in playing with fire! Always creating probelms

I was in my village of Ain Einbel (a chrsitian village in th edeep south) and for 3 hours my relatives did not stop cursing Hariri, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, wahabbis, 'shiek' Qabbani for what they have caused to lebnon

All this death of innconet people and especially our beloved lebanese army, for what? For Hariri's fucking stupidity, for his fucking stupid plan to fight shia, whidh he knows he will lose anyway (shia only become fanatic when they fight sunni, want proof: check out their brutal death squads in Iraq, very natsy poeple!)

And of course chrsitians get caught in the middle and we pay for it with an INNOCENT woman killed in Aschrafieh

To hell with the Fture movemtment scum, their scum supporters, their scum backers (Saudi wahabbis) and their former backers: syria!!

And disappointed in you Faialasoof tha you do NOT even mention that hariri was linked to fatah al islam: very hypocritical: even Al Ahram, the most pro-mubarak crap on this earth, made mention

very disppointed!

FaiLaSooF said...

Frankly I'm sick and tired of blaming everything on Hariri and Sunnies! For God's sake how on earth can you make a stupid meaningless link? Based on what? just on the fact that such terrorist groups are made of Sunnies, this made it directly linked to Hariri??!!!

Come here to Tripoli, and point out those who support such terrorism, then come and accuse a whole sect of what you are saying! Come and see how the poeple in Tripoli and the whole North (reagrdless of their sect or religion) are supporting the Army, and asking the security forces to get rid of the terrorists that turned our life into a living Hell. Radicals and fanatics will always appear, but to label people as such based on their sect is a DISGUSTING THING THAT THIS BLOG WON'T TOLERATE.

You give the worst image of a Lebanese, and I'm sorry you have reached the lowest level possible!

Stop linking and labeling people based on their sect or religion, this is THE MOST AWFUL DISGUSTING THING ANYONE CAN DO.


This blog insist on the value of human beings, regardless of their religion, and I'll be damned if I allowed any one to judge people on my blog based on such stupid disgusting measure.

To all readers of my blog, do not take this as defending Hariri or considering him an angel coming from heaven. This is only a WARNING that this blog will not tolerate hate baased on religion, no matter what. And I would have done the same thing if any other sect was to cursed in such a DISGUSTING way. Religion is one thing, and killig is a WHOLE different thing.

hilal said...

this post is totally Wrong.

from assafir:
صدر عن قيادة الجيش ـ مديرية التوجيه بيان جاء فيه: تواصل وحدات الجيش تنفيذ إجراءاتها في مراكز انتشارها حول مخيم نهر البارد. وتقوم بتسهيل أعمال إغاثة الجرحى والمرضى وإدخال المواد الحياتية للقاطنين في المخيم. وقد عمدت الى إخلاء جثث القتلى المنتمين الى جماعة «فتح الاسلام» التي عثر عليها أمام مراكز الجيش خارج المخيم، في حين تستمر هذه الجماعة بالاعتداء على قوافل المساعدات وسيارات الصليب الاحمر ومصادرتها.
وأضافت: وإذ تؤكد قيادة الجيش مجدداً حرص قواها العسكرية الشديد على أرواح المدنيين الابرياء، فإنها تحمل مسؤولية ما حصل وما قد يحصل لاحقا الى كل من يحاول الاعتداء على المراكز العسكرية، ومن يتخذ المدنيين دروعا بشرية.
وتابعت: كما توضح القيادة ان ما تناقلته بعض وسائل الاعلام لجهة حجم الخسائر البشرية في صفوف المدنيين هو أمر مبالغ فيه جدا، يدحضه العدد المحدود نسبيا للضحايا والجرحى المدنيين الذين تم إجلاؤهم بواسطة الصليب الاحمر اللبناني والهلال الاحمر الفلسطيني، والذي بلغ قتيلا واحدا و 19 جريحا، برغم الكثافة البشرية والسكنية الكبيرة للمخيم، مما يشير الى استهداف القوى العسكرية مراكز المسلحين فقط، الذين في المقابل استهدفوا الجيش بغدرهم وحقدهم مما أوقع أكثر من ثلاثين شهيدا وعشرات الجرحى في صفوفه، معظمهم من أبناء المنطقة التي استضافت الشعب الفلسطيني وناصرت قضيته العادلة. مما يؤكد أن هذه العصابة الارهابية التي تختبئ تحت اسم «فتح الاسلام» هي بعيدة كل البعد عن القضية الفلسطينية وعن تعاليم الدين الاسلامي.

كما توضح القيادة ان ما تناقلته بعض وسائل الاعلام لجهة حجم الخسائر البشرية في صفوف المدنيين هو أمر مبالغ فيه جدا، يدحضه العدد المحدود نسبيا للضحايا والجرحى المدنيين الذين تم إجلاؤهم بواسطة الصليب الاحمر اللبناني والهلال الاحمر الفلسطيني، والذي بلغ قتيلا واحدا و 19 جريحا،

which means that these numbers (1 killed and 19 wounded) refer ONLY to those who were evacuated by red cross only.
Palestinian sources talk about almost 100 wounded and 20 civilian killed. yet, Let's wait till an official report is out.

FaiLaSooF said...

the article says the number based on Lebanese Red Cross and Palestinian Red Crescent as well. So basicly the numbers you are getting here are from three different sources.

Who else would be responsible for counting casualties??!!

Get real man.......if you want to listen to what people say....the casualties could reach 1000 in no time. People talk..that's what they Trust official reports, especially when they come from well-respected sides, The Army, The Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

hilal said...

again,you missed the point.
Re-read the article. ( الذين تم إجلاؤهم )
it says that these numbers refer to those who were EVACUATED. it doesn't say that this is the official number of the dead and the injured people.
Most probably, there are still dead inside there (dunno the number), since simply the red cross didn't succeed in evacuating them all because of the violation of the cease fire more than once.
again. it is not the sum-up number of the dead and injured people. it is the number of injured and dead people that were evacuated.
So basically, ur post is wrong.
Correct it by adding 1 dead and 19 injured were "evacuated".

if wanna still stick to 1 dead, then i guess it woule "abou jandal"??

hilal said...

it would be*

FaiLaSooF said...

I'm sticking to "official reports" and akid, this is not a final report, but don't forget there's more than 30 casualties among army men, and the terrorists are actually inside the camp, so they are responsible for the casualties, walla you think it is only the army tageting innocent civilians??!!

As for Abou Jandal, he wasn't killed near in the camp, but rather in Tripoli, and there's an investigation about the whole issue.

Khawwta said...

Ana bobssom bel 3achra lal Jeich... ma hada bikhaf 3al madaniyi addddo..
Our ARMY khatttttttt ahmar

Antione said...


"Come and see how the poeple in Tripoli and the whole North (reagrdless of their sect or religion) are supporting the Army, and asking the security forces to get rid of the terrorists that turned our life into a living Hell".

Tripoli against Fatah al islam: Excuse me Sir! Even the head of Hamas in the camo, hamas being a zeaslously sunni organisation, claimed fatah al islam were brough in by the Fture movement to start trouble with shia: so what moe proff do you want, and coming from an extremist sunni!!!!!!!!

And i find it very offensive that you say i have reached the lowest point possible: because i state what many chrsitians feel, that were are being put in the middle of thw two extremist power brokers in lebanon (sunni FM and shia HA!). IO suggest YOU come to Aschrafieh and talk to us and see how angry we are with all these bombings and these extremist 'jihadi' scum what they have caused us and just yestrday posting on the web how they will exterminate chrsitians!!!! And everyone knows they have gulf arab money, which means Hariri is invloved yet again. And ALL chrsitians know, even those likemyself supporters of the LF, that Hariri brought Fatah al islam hoons to fight the shia, specifically HA, so dont insult my intelligence!!!! And do say i insult sunnis, as i specifically mentioned the supportersof the Future movemnt! (P.S. I lived in tripoli for nearly a year on business and i know theres a mix there but theres no denying its a hotbed of cray fundementalists and the people there, and even worse in Akkar, are sympatehtic, while have provided material support to such wacko groups, and, as the americans call it, there is a blowback, and so we have shia murdeous fanatics laughin beyond belief and they are the ones benefitting most seeing their two sunni enemies kill eachother and know that jihadis and palestinians especially will get revenge on Hariri and.or his suppoters: what more does HA want!)

No faliasoof, i am afarid you have reached the lowest point, in the way that you state that on this blog all"human beings, regardless of their religion, and I'll be damned if I allowed any one to judge people on my blog based on such stupid disgusting measure". Reeally, well you yourself and that racist mustafa has made many comments that for isntance shiiteswould find racist, yet I have never seen you criticise it (of course not).

YOUR the one who said that that you are not responsible for what opthers write on your blog, so I find it unfair that you target me when i crticise Hariri and his goons.

FaiLaSooF said...

I'm not gunna be dragged into a pointless argument with you. For the 100 million time, you have something against mostapha, take it on him and don't put me in between.

I live in achrafieh, and I'm extremely worried about the thread by Al-Qaeda. But don't forget that the majority of our educational institutions are targetted by such threads ALL OVER LIBAN, not just Achrafieh. You, I and every other Lebanese have the full right to be disgutsed at such threads, but NONE OF US has the right to label a whole sect of terrorism. I know many many Sunnis, and I'll be damned if I ever thought of them as terrorist with no proof, just because they are Sunni.

You, or anyone else who comment on my blog are NOT ALLOWED to target or judge people based on their religion, regardless of what religion they follow. And NO, I haven't and will not ever judge anyone based on his/her religion or sect, and I have nothing to do with what Mostapha might or might not have said on his blog.

Since when we take what Hamas officials say for granted!!?? What are you expecting them to say other than to throw the whole Fatah-l-islam issue on Hariri an Lebanese Sunni?? It is the easiest way out, as many Lebanese (unfortunately) may buy such claims based on religious-stereotyped-ideas.

One more time Antoine, Fanatics and fundamentalists can be found in any religion/sect, and it is our duty to differenciate between such groups and the moderate ones. Your claim of such groups being brought by Hariri makes no sense whatsoever. If hariri wanted militia to prepare attcking HA, as you claim, he could easily establish one among Lebanese without the need of fighters from other nationalities; mind you that we do have radicalist Lebanese, and they would LOVE to gain arsenal and political support.

Get these ideas outside your head, or bring me a TRUE EVIDENCE, not something that one guy said, or something you heard people saying. Judge things based upon facts and evidences, then come and try selling me and my readers such things.

One last thing Antoine, your are always more than welcomed to comment on my blog, as long as you don't spread racism or religious hate, or else I'll be obliged to delete such comment. We have the duty to put an end to this none sense streotyped ideas.

Anonymous said...

failasoof,i respect what u have said about the sects and religions and i thank u for that,we had the same worry in egypt for a while when the terrorism attack was forgotten about for the sake of was it christians or muslims .

please failasoof,always remind people that it's never about who does what and why,it's about the target,please dont repeat history all over the world by pitting against each other and forgetting the original target is ur liban as a whole.

god bless

Anonymous said...

are you mother and father also brother and sister? your mental handicap is showing many things, but intelligence is not one of them.
take your drivel and spew it somewhere else.
p.s. thanks failasoof for always posting good info.

FaiLaSooF said...

thanks for your wonderful comment, I can only wish that Lebanese can realize what you said properly.

I can understand that you might disagree with Antoine, but that does NOT give the right to curse him on my blog, and for that, i find myself obliged to ask you NOT to do that on my blog again, or I'll have to delete it (please don't take it personally). Nevertheless you know that you are always welcomed (and you are a dear reader of my blog) to keep your comments coming.

Skylark said...

You quote as an "evidence" that the Lebanese Army is not making Palestinian civilians suffer more.

Beirutspring quotes you as "evidence" that the number of civilian casualties is minimal.

It's a cerebral short-circuit, isn't it?

FaiLaSooF said...

skylark, was used as "evidence" because the article contains "sources" for the information claimed by Mostapha. The same analogy is used by Mostapha is quoting my post, which is again is supported by "sources" for such info.

The idea behind is, when you have an authorized reliable source for what you are claiming, then your info is credible, and so it would be only normal that people would "quote" you, what's so wrong about that?