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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Everybody Wants the Tribunal Under Chapter VII !!!??


No, it's NOT a joke, and no it is not a superficial analysis. It is simply the plain truth that no one seems interested to declare loudly!

Let's take it step by step. First, let's start with those who oppose almost everything nowadays. March 8th (and yes, Aoun and his FPM are included) wants the Tribunal under Chapter VII; because this would mean that they don't have to accept it, and they can use their ever-lasting reason "It's an Imperial-Zionist plan to control our Arab independent land". And of course, they will gain all the support they can dream of from their followers, simply because once you say it is an Israeli evil plan, then we should hate it, and work against it.

Under Chapter VII, the opposition will have a wide-range of motion, they can even raise their opposition, and justify it even more, since now the "conspiracy" is clear to everyone. And if by any chance, the Tribunal is to accuse any of the opposition's leaders of the assassinations, the opposition can refuse such accusations, and argue that they didn't agree on the Tribunal, and even declare "See! This is why they want the Tribunal, to eliminate the true representatives of the people!".

Hizbollah, will have more dynamics in refusing to even discuss disarming its arsenal, arguing that this means the end of Resistant Lebanon, and that there's no way they would surrender the country to the Zionists, the Americans, and their "traitors" among us. SSNP, Marada, Wi'aam Wahhab, Krame and the rest will find in tha stand of HA a last rescue from being washed out of the political scene, and they also will refuse anything coming from such "Tribunal of shame!", even though Krame is asking the UN to include Rashid Krame file in the Tribunal!!

FPM and our lovely General will shout against the "foreign interference" in Liban, demand a one-man stand against the new "occupation", and accuse "Hariri" and his gang of being the "true" enemies of Liban. NOT to mention that they are the true representative of the Christians, and they are indeed the most secular party in the country!

What about March 14th? Well as much they care about the Tribunal, but for sure they prefer nothing more than for it to be under Chapter VII, because then the International Community will be held responsible for making sure those who are found guilty will be brought to justice; even if they were high Syrian officials. Hariri can use his International "Friendships" in making sure that no "compromise" will be made on the expense of his father assassination file. Jumblatt and Kernet Chahwan bloc will feel more secure, hoping that such Tribunal will bring an end to the assassinations targeting them one by one.

LF will be more than happy to see more and more pressure being put against the Syrian Iranian axe, and even more isolation for FPM in the Lebanese political scene.

Every body wants it under Chapter VII. Well, everybody but Syria that is, which will be the only one loosing from the Tribunal under chapter VII. Syria can NOT, under chapter VII, NOT to co-operate with the Tribunal, or else it will face the International Community. In contrast to the Tribunal being passed within Lebanese Institutions, where Syria can simply "Refuse" to co-operate.


Riemer Brouwer said...

Interesting post and your mind-reading sounds very plausible. It would be the extension of idea behind la guerre des autres: never our fault, always the others

Blacksmith Jade said...

Hey Failasoof, I tagged u in this post, feel free to accept or refuse, no hard feelings!

Khawwta said...

Interesting post ya failasoof
killoun baddoun l ha2i2a.. bass rah notla3 3al khazou2

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