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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ABC Achrafieh....THANKS!!!

I had the Cardiology (everything in medicine related to the heart) final exam last Monday, after a horrible weekend where I did NOTHING but sitting on my @$$ and studying day and night. Normally, I was so depressed but I was thrilled that I'm finally over all these heart issues at least till next year!

The first thing I did was getting a hot bath, then I shaved and regained my usual look back :P
Couple of friends and I wanted to go to ABC Achrafieh and see what's going on in Beirut. And I can fairly say it was the wisest thing we ever did!

Thanks to ABC Achrafieh, I remembered that it is xmas time nowadays! Where ever you look, you can see the xmas spirit! Candles, xmas trees, lovely decorations and most of all the lovely xmas songs I adore, even the French ones that I don't even understand!

At first, I took couple of pictures, then I saw a lovely small parade with Santa wondering around the mall singing xmas songs, and kids walking with them, and I just couldn't help it! I just found myself walking and singing with them!!! 10 minutes later I got over 1000 missed calls from my friends wondering where the hell I gone (yes, all of them didn't have units!!!!), and I was obliged to leave the parade and join my friends again......

I can say I really had a great time there, so thanks for everyone who participated in making the xmas spirit shine at ABC, since it seems very gloomy outside that I wish I lived there at ABC all the time!!!!


lebanese_student said...

Hey :)
I found your blog after reading "rampurple" and I just wanted to say that the after-finals ritual is the same every where in the world. I finished my last final today too, showered, did all the girly things that I've been missing for the past week, and as you said "regained my usual look"...aside from all the really unecessary information you don't care about, i wanted to say a big THANKS! for posting the abc achrafieh pics. achrafieh is my home and its this time of year that I miss it the most! the decorations look beautiful.
thanks again and merry christmas

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the Pics. It is so wonderful that Christmas is not forgotten in the mist of all the turmoil downtown Beirut!!

God Bless!!

FaiLaSooF said...


I'm glad i was able to bring back good memories about Achrafieh for you :) Good luck in your study and hope you'll be home soon.


We deserve to feel the joy of the holidays. and we must never forget that before anything, we are Lebanese who want to LIVE before anything else.

God bless us all