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Friday, December 01, 2006

Shame On You

I heard from couple of friends about what Mr. Franjieh said about Cardinal Sfeir, but I was like: "NO WAY, he actually said THAT???!!".

I actually refused to believe and thought that it's just another episode of propagandas war between March 8th and 14th. But then I watched the news, and I couldn't believe my ears as he said: "It seems Cardinal Sfeir (......) when he saw all the ladies in Bkerki" !!!!!

What on hell???!! What the heck is wrong with that man? How could anyone be THAT rude? How can anyone say such thing about the Maronite cardinal??? Is this how we address our religious figures now???!!

Not only that, but after all that he comes on the air again and says: "My enemies always try to convert my words; I used a Lebanese-spoken-language-term in the meaning that the Cardinal was "excited" and indeed I didn't mean it sexually". As if we are not Lebanese and we don't know when we use the specific word YOU USED and when it is used!!!!!

One word can be said... SHAME ON YOU....SHAME ON YOU....SHAME ON YOU


JoseyWales said...

This is what happens when you quit school at 15 (to become a cabinet minister).

Anonymous said...

Where is the compassion?
This poor Sleyman went through hell
and I doubt he had been through any kind of therapy after the murder of his parents.His grand father also quit school
at 15 and became a president.This is
Lebanon and "Al Chaab el Azeem".

Anonymous said...

Batrak Sfeir did nothing for the maronite, he is useless, he always sided with Geagea against the rest, this is not what a father does, he better go home.