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Monday, December 25, 2006

Only in Liban!

Where on earth, would you break in to some one's apartment, miss around with all the documents and actually "steal" some of it, got caught on tape doing so, and yet people of all kinds (lawyers, journalists, students, MPs) would demand that you get free and never arrested? Only in Liban!

Where on earth, would you hide tons of explosives with their timers in your own house in the middle of a town, change the color of two cars, report them stolen, and when you get arrested people start shouting and saying that you're innocent, and you only had these explosives to fight Israel (even though you are MIIIIIIIILES away from Israel)? Only in Liban

Where on earth, would 70 MPs sign a document, and when they try to officially document it in the parliament, the Speaker of the house refuse to accept it? Only in Liban

Where on earth, would you got assassinated one by one because of your political stands, and people start shouting that you are the ones who are assassinating yourselves just so you get some more "fake popularity" to go on with your "evil dirty plans"? Only in Liban

Where on earth, would you join a government, and yet accuse it of being a "traitor", then hold up a huge mass asking to topple it? Only in Liban

Where on earth, would you go into a war that destroys half of your country's infra-structure, and totally destroys it's economical status (NOT o mention the high number of casualties), and yet you hold up a HUGE mass claiming a "devine victory" ? Only in Liban

Where om earth, would you ask for an independent free modern country, and people start accusing you of being a "traitor"? Only in Liban

Where on earth, would two huge masses of people holding up the same flag, shout the same patriotic slogans, asking for "national unity", and then start kicking each other's butts? Only in Liban

Where on earth, would your country be on the edge of a "civil war", and yet when it's the holiday season, everyone goes to the shops and celebrate with joy? Only in Liban

Only in Liban....Only in Liban.....


Anonymous said...

You're right. Only in Lebanon.
But why do you keep writing Liban instead of Lebanon ?
Either everything in English or everything in French.
Only in Liban do people yokholto 3 loughat bi joumla wahida !

FaiLaSooF said...

the reason for choosing "Liban" is its simplicity, nothing more, nothing less.

And you are right, Only in Liban do people "mix" the three languages in one phrase :)

Anonymous said...

"Hi, keefak ? ca va ?" is so lebanese :)

anyways, to add to the last "only in liban", only in liban are thousands of people camped in front of the government buildings and 30 minutes away wonderful displays of creativity and fashion and song and dance are being presented :) I'm speaking of the crazy show Star Academy

FaiLaSooF said...

very true...very true

Leafless Eve said...

eh walla... na7na kilshi 3anna ghair shekel