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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

For Beirut

I just woke up 10 min. ago (ain't the holidays just GREAT), and as a traditional Lebanese habit, I turned on the TV to hear some news so that my blodd pressure could be raised to the maximum possible.

But Zavin was on the TV, an this time he was broadcasting from down town (yup, the heart of Beirut that we have forgot about). It was a re-run of course, but he was encouraging people to come to the down town. Mrs. Ajooz from Beirut Municipality invited all the Lebanese to come to the down town on December 30th, and prove to the whole world that Beirut never dies. Actors, directors and previous misses Lebanon were there too encouraging us to come to down town and be part of bringing Beirut back to life.

So, here I am joining them in asking you to come and join the rest of us in down town and help us in bringing back life to Beirut, the city we adore and can't live without....

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