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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Where Are We Going?

Tilda asked me what will happen next, since the 19-2-9 suggestion has been rejected by the opposition. And it seems it needs Michel Hayek to figure that one out, but I'll do my best...

So, Lahoud sent back the tribunal decision back to the government unsigned, reports say that Berri won't held parliament session till this conflict is over, Seniora is not going to resign, and the oppositions is preparing for a new "surprise" in its 2nd rally tomorrow.

Everyone is doing his best NOT to compromise, obviously everyone is showing that he is the "stronger" side of the equation, and so, he has the right to decide what to do next.

I've been thinking, what would happen if the government (which has the majority in the parliament) resigned as a result of the opposition's rally? How will a new government be formed? Obviously the majority won't accept to gove the "blocking third" to the opposition, and the latter won't accept any other form for the government, so what?

What if (somehow) this new government saw the light? How would it be able to function? How would it make a new election law? I'll go even farther and say that a new law has been passed, and the elections made the opposition became the "new majority" so that they would be able to form a government with or without March 14th, what would the latter do? Obviously they will start there own rally, refuse the elections, and work on forcing the government and the president to resign.

Where are we going? This is an endless circle that won't end, simply because if we are OK to force one government to resign in the streets, then we are allowing every new opposition to go in the streets and ask the government to resign. THIS IS SILLY!

I haven't mentioned that the UN will be forced to imply the tribunal under the chapter 7 , which means the UNIFIL forces will have the right to ENGAGE in order to fulfill UN resolutions, is that what we want?

Both sides should realize that they are taking the country o the unknown. This is NOT how things should work. SIT TOGETHER, elect a new president, form a new government, make a new election law, and let the PEOPLE LIVE.

3AN JAD EREFNA! "Seriously, we are disgusted"

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Anonymous said...

looks like the tribunal will be approved by the UN under chapter 7