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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To HA Supporters

The Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Siyassa" reported that during July war, the Syrian president called HA officials to order them NOT to target Tel-Aviv because the Israelis told the Syrians that they will target "Syrian vital targets" in case HA targeted Tel-Aviv. The newspaper reported that "two official documents, one of them is audio" confirm that request....

I'm not going to say that this is true, but in case it is, then let me ask all those who support HA, how can you support someone who didn't target Tel-Aviv, the capital of all evil, while our towns and cities were being destroyed just because they were protecting Syria??!!

For the full-length report, click on the following link:

As I keep saying all the time...WAKE UP!


Anonymous said...

Al Seyassah is a gossip rag. They have been publishing fake information for the past two years.

Not a single one of their scoops turned out to be true.

There is money laundering, and then there is information laundering.

When your money has got suspcious sources and needs to be laundered, you send it to another country to recycle it.

The sames goes for false news.
When Harirists want to propagate a rumour they know is false, they cannot publish it directly, so they send it to some rag from the Gulf and then they quote it saying Kuwaiti Al Seyassah said so and so.

Only the gullible buy it.

dasfas said...

So let me tell you a story, a true one as I know.
in the first day of the war, when Katiushas rockets started to fall on the israeli cities, the israeli defence minister had let the permission to start an operation that I.D.F has planed since 99.
for 6 years they have collected intelligence material about "Fajar" and "Zilzal" rockets, the only rockets that can arrive to Tel-Aviv, in three hours most of those rockets destroyed.

during the war hezbolla tried to launch some of those last rockets, few of them had been destroyed before they launched, and one of them succeed to arrived "Hadera".

there is picture from I.D.F that show clearly that they tried to launch "Zizal" rocket.
in the last moment the I.A.F succeed to destroyed it.

I even rememberd that Nasrhalla said one day that if I.D.F will bomb beirut, hezbolla will shoot on Tel-Aviv, in the same day I.D.F bomb Nasrhalla house in "Dehia" neighborhood.
and no rockets fall in Tel-Aviv.

but I understand what are you trying to say...
why does'n hezbolla start a "resistance" to the syrian, when syria keep 1000 of Lebaneses prisoner in syrian prisons? I asked it a lot of hezbolla supportr and no one of them gived me an answer.

FaiLaSooF said...

Anonymous, first of all, if you read the article, you'd realize that is wasn't "al siyasah" who is the source of information. Besides, before jumping to conclusions and call it a big fat lie, why don't we try to make sure whether it is true or not?

And with all do respect to the "Hariri" impire, but take my word on this (since I've lived in Kuwait for 18 years) nor al siyasa nor it's cheif editor is in need for the Hariri's money. Kuwaities are filled up to their noses with money, and to them, Hariri's wealth is NOTHING.

Besides, Israel is one of the sources for the news puplished, why can't we take their word for it? didn't HA took it when Olmert said that he supports Seniora's government? walla as usual, you get to choose what to believe and what NOT to, and we just have to follow your lead???