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Saturday, December 30, 2006

It is Just!

You can argue and say it the "timing" wasn't right. You can argue and say that the "trial" wasn't fair and was political. You can even argue and say that "history" won't forgive such thing. But one thing I'm sure of, Saddam Hussein got what he deserves!

I don't think Saddam deserved a fair trial to begin with. This "monster" has for decades, used the most awful horrible killing methods the world has ever known! From "melting" people in acid, as he did to hundreds of Kuwaitis during his invasion to Kuwait, to using "Fatal chemical weapons" against his very own people in Northern Iraq. I can't see how some people would come out and say "It wasn't a just trial"!!! What the heck are you talking about? Since when did Saddam gave his victims a fair trial? And even if he was given a so-called fair trial, what would have changed exactly? He would be sent free!!!!

I dare all of you out there defending that murderer to look in the eyes of his victims while you're claiming a fair trial, what would you think their reaction would be??! What about that old lady that asked that she'd be the one who would hang Saddam, who said that her father, her 3 brothers, her husband and her 5 sons were killed by Saddam, and she didn't even had the right to bury them! Can you come and tell her in the face that Saddam is not supposed to be killed??!

This is JUSTICE, for him to be executed in the same place where he cruelly massacred hundreds of his very own people, in this former intelligence head quarters, it is JUST...pure JUST


Rampurple said...

Yes, he was a criminal but his execution was unjust.

The Americans were fully aware of the 1982 massacre and continued supporting him until 1990. NOW they execute him over something they approved?!

Anyways, I am against executions anyways.

You want the man to suffer, keep him to rot in prison

FaiLaSooF said...

One thing I learned the hard way ram, always FINISH your enemy. Keeping him in a prison may leave a very slight small chance that one day he might get free, just like he did before.

I'm against executions as well, but some times you have to do things you don't usually would approve. I all cases, it's a loooong story to be told, but i hope you got the main idea.

Kodder said...

thanks failasoof.
good post :).
I am not pro execution, but some people disgust me... suddenly saying that saddam is a martyr.
you know why?
its because they are projecting lebanese politics/sects on iraq.
wo fihmak kfeyeh.