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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Should We Start Reading Between The Lines?

No body argues that Saddam Hussein was one of most brutal dictators that the world has seen. For 35 years, he showed his people as well as his neighbors the worst kind of dictatorship, and led his country from being the most powerful Arab nation to pieces of a country where people are killed according because of their religious beliefs.

The irony of the matter, that the execution of that dictator, in awful way that was carried out, made him a "Hero" in most of the Arabs eyes! Any reader of Al Jazeera or Al Arabiya websites would notice that.

Which makes me think, if US is really trying to prove to the world that its strategy in Iraq is successful, then how come the Americans allowed such a HUGE mistake to happen?

One theory suggests that the Americans believe that the execution was kind of a "threat message" to all Arab leaders, showing them the end of any leader who would refuse to implement the US policy. The US is also showing the Arab and Muslim world that the Americans can do whatever they want to whoever they want without any one being able to stop them. But frankly, I think that this stupid and meaningless! The Americans have shown all Arab leaders that they an invade any country they want when they want to, and they already got Saddam and he's been sentenced to death.

Another theory suggests that this is one way to try to STOP the Iranian and therefore Shiites increasing influence in the region! How is that possible? Well simply enough, just check the comments on the articles talking about Saddam execution on Al Jazeera, Al Arabia or even BBC Arabic. Almost all comments are full with anger, hate and cursing of the Shiites! Most Arabs now accuse the Shiites in Iraq that they have become a "Toy" in the US hands, and that they are killing the symbols of the Sunni leaders starting by Saddam! You could feel the hidden tension in their writings, many of them saying that the Iranian influence is getting bigger and bigger, and that we (they mean the Sunnies) should stand up and defend our lands!

But wouldn’t that complicate the already complicated situation in Iraq? How would US benefit from that? Well, as long as there is a civil war in Iraq (or destabilization, as it is perceived by many), US forces will stay in Iraq, close enough to Iran, just in case a military action against Iran is ever considered. Another bonus would be increasing the pressure on HA and its allies in Lebanon, by increasing the tension between Sunnies and Shiites, which will lead to farther pressure on HA to be disarmed.

Many people would find this theory valid, and it goes hand-by-hand with the famous "Creative Chaos" theory! But would that be true? Did the Americans just use Saddam's card for one last time so that they try to stop the increasing Iranian influence in the region? Is it in the US best interest NOT to have a stable Iraq? I mean, as long as Iraq is unstable, the US methods in dealing with terrorism will still be considered a total failure, and it’ going to be extremely difficult for them to gain an international approval of their methods in the future. How can that be beneficial for the Americans? What about the daily increasing number of American casualties in Iraq (became over 3000 now)? And what about the increasing Arab hate and Anti-American feelings? How can US prevent revolutions over its allies of Arab leaders? What about Syria and Middle East peace plans?

Seems to be rather confusing, I've been killing my brain cells thinking about since Saddam's Execution. I really find it just and fair that he is executed, but I can't but to agree that the way the execution was carried out what was NOT appropriate. Especially that it made a criminal look like a hero, and it only intensified the increasing tension between Sunnies and Shiites.


Anonymous said...

the killing of saddam one could argue was not just. i would have to definitely agree that the trial was not fair on many levels and he should not have hanged for the simple reason that it was not his people (solely) that prosecuted him, but rather the americans via a stooge american govt. his trial should have been in an international court, plain and simple. the occupation is illegal, which makes the current govt illegal, so therefore the trial was not legal. why was milosovic given the chance to be tried in an international court? why was noriega just thrown into a penthouse prison? why is it that saddam was tried and executed in this fashion? if anybody spoke up in court, they were thrown out...what kind of court of law is that? this whole thing is a sham.
now for the sectarian issue....i believe it is the iranians that are fanning the sectarian flames. and now by the hanging of saddam, well, the sunnis, whom already had alot to be angry about, are out for vengance, since the hanging of saddam was not justice, but vengance. iran is a very crucial player here, as is syria. by inflaming the situation, this gives iran the upper hand with the u.s. this will force the u.s. into negotiations with iran/syria and of course they will most likely each get a pc of the iraqi pie. ted koppel went into iran and did a report on iran and asked an iranian official if he believes that the u.s, british or iran had the most influence...and the answer was a clear iran.
the americans goofed up big time in iraq...they gave the power to the shia thinking this would make everything alright, but did not take into consideration the insurgents power. the americans don't give a damn about the sectarian violence, they just want control via the retards in govt.

FaiLaSooF said...


"A civilization can't be conquered from without until it's destroyed from within". This is what Saddam did; he managed to destroy the Iraqi nation from inside so bad that sectarism had the upper hand in Iraq now.

And for sure, not the American nor the Iranians nor the Syrian gives a shit about Iraq; everybody is seeking his own benifit, and this is how life works.

For what he did, Saddam deserved this horrible end. For Iraq, they need a long time before they realize that their best interest is in their unity not in allying with foriegn powers to defeat their own Iraqi brothers, again thanks to Saddam....