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Friday, January 05, 2007

Leave Paris-3 Be!

As if he was sent to Liban just to ruin every single damn thing! The so-called president seems like he is willing to do anything to destroy the country.

Just like what he did in the past, our dearest president is doing it yet one more time. I would love if the media could open up its archive and check what Lahhoud said just before Paris-2 and compare it to what he is saying just before Paris-3. As if time is repeating itself one more time.

What gets on my nerves even more is that he's giving us lectures about what is "constitutional" and what's NOT, even though EVERY SINGLE LEBANESE SOUL (including him) knows that he is the "unconstitutional" state in Liban.

Just leave Paris-3 and get it out of the political conflict, we are so close to total breakdown, and we need to tighten up and get used of the international help before it is toooooooooo late.

We should know when to stop arguing, and this is the time, just give Paris-3 a chance, we wanna live, we wanna live.....

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