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Friday, January 05, 2007

We are Too Damn Polarized

What has happen to us? Don't we ever learn? Haven't we been through enough SHIT already? Why do we insist on doing the same mistakes again and again and again??!!

What is wrong with the Lebanese youth? What does the majority of us keep blindly following their political leaders, even when they make no sense at all? When are you going to wake up and follow the principle instead of the man, who easily is transformed into a god?

Not only that, now we are willing to defend any one who is on our side, regardless whether he is right or wrong, only because we are so damn polarized that we are NOT willing to admit that one of our "people" can make a mistake.

Firas Hatoum, the guy has become a god, by all means. He was caught on tape, BREAKING and ENTERING into Seddek's house, STEALING documents, and MAKING a show out it, and what happened? March 8th support him! They say he is a hero, why? Simply because he is on their side.

SSNP members got caught with explosives in their own houses, and they admit they took orders to make terrorist explosions, and what happens? March 8th support them.

Why? Wrong is wrong, even if it's from your own side. It's simple.

And before you guys jump on me, same thing goes for March 14th, no exceptions allowed.

Wake up people....WAKE UP


Liliane said...

Yep, it's not a matter of right from wrong, it's a matter of Winner and Loser, doesn't matter if anyone makes sense anymore or will eventually help his country, it is "how to get money more into our own pockets, and how to be POWERFUL"

FaiLaSooF said...

Unfortunately liliane, you are 100000% right :(

What we lack in democracy is that we don't stop supporting the leaders when they take wrong decisions. To the majority of us, they are GODS, and they can never be wrong!