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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Hidden Agenda

What happen today was a huge mistake. And no,, no one has the right to go above the law.

The opposition did what exactly today? What changes did its escalation do? NOTHING. Why? simply because this is NOT how things happen in Liban.

The question remains, if the government is to be toppled, what is the alternative? A new government needs the Parliament acceptance, which is with March 14th, so the "Blocking third" is just a dream.

The opposition knows that for sure, then why are they doing what they are doing? Because they know they can't elect the new President, and if no president is elected, then the government will takes his/her duty till a new one is elected. And that's what they are trying to change. Having a "blocking third" can help them in toppling the government, a card they can use with the presidential election negotiations.

Economy, the right to share, Lebanese version of democracy, living in dignity...all these are just slogans to mask the true intentions. Pretty much like liberating Lebanese soils, eliminating the Zionist thread, and Sheb'aa farms slogans, does anyone hear about these now? Of course not, the big boss is busy with something else now.

Wake up people...wake up

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