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Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm Fed Up!

Yet another escalation, yet another demonstration, yet another round of boxing between the opposition and the majority, seriously I'm fed up!

Everybody now is convinced that the government will not be toppled by democratic peaceful means, simply because the constitution of the republic doesn't give much weight to demonstration, and no matter how many "millions" go into the streets, the government has the confidence of the parliament majority.

Everybody also knows that the opposition is not willing to go back, and end it's almost two-month protest without gaining its demands, or at least some of them. And the opposition's leaders KNOW that they can't achieve such demands without an "agreement" with the majority.

Knowing that, can anyone tells me what is the goal behind the next Tuesday "General Strike"? And what difference will it make? One thing is for sure, it is a good test of "popularity" of the two sides, providing that people will have freedom of choice of either staying home, or going to work.

The only step left for the opposition is "Civil Disobedience", but such step is very risky, because it will involve the army and the internal forces "engaging" with protesters, and a "potential" engagement between the army and HA troops, would the opposition allow such thing to happen? The government has no other option but to order the army to end the civil disobedience, and I don't know how will Ha respond...Can anyone tells me where is the benefit for Liban in such escalation?

God protect the country, as we have reached to the very edge of yet another "war" in our country......


MarxistFromLebanon said...

well the problem is that none of the camps are listening to the other; worse, they want to cancel each other. It was not the constitution (at least only) that is safeguarding the government from collapsing, rather it is the international support). HA can't also simply pack because it wouldn sound as if going back "to the house of obediance".

Each claims to be a majority, none accepts to do a national referendum to seriously settle this issue once and for all who is the majority

Anonymous said...

the bottom line is that this government was a democratically elected govt. hezbollah had reps in the govt and they chose to distance themselves, as they always have. they don't want a unity govt, they want the power to do what they want when they want. this was proven in july. they are nothing short of bullies. they feel that their "divine victory" gives them the entitlement of the powers that be because they are the "protectors" of this country.
enough is enough. they don't like what the govt has to offer, you wait until the next election.

Anonymous said...

I believe that in short, majority and minority are determined through elections. Accepting to go in the election race means that you should respect its result. The majority rules, and the minority opposes, and wait till the next elections to gain the majority.

How hard is that? And please save me the "Lebanese version of democracy" and that "ALL" Lebanese can rule!!!

Anonymous said...

Please let's not speak of another war..
HA wait until the next election, God forbid !! I think after what so called their "Nasr illahi" they got a case of "Jounoun al 3azama" and as the previous comments stated, they think its their right to be in power.
Is that general strike only for a day?? I hope nothing happens, am planning to go home soon.


FaiLaSooF said...

Form what the opposition's leaders are saying, I can tell you it is a one day "general strike". But what is worrying is the intense tone that they are using, kinda of threatening other people who want to open their shop and work, as well as their implies that they might close main roads or call for civil disobedience...

But I think it's just a way to raise the sticks, nothing more. An attempt to scary people so they don't go to work, so they can say ennu their strike was "massive".

I hope nothing serious will happen, and most probably, nothing will change. just more people in the streets..... Allah yestor

MarxistFromLebanon said...

According to Salim Aoun on LBC today, he said: "don't worry, trust the General" (his reply to George Adwan)... personally I can't trust any of them two :)


PS: Failasoof cill man

MarxistFromLebanon said...

meant chill* (damned coffee is still kicking; sorry)