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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Watching TV

It's always fun to watch Lebanese political talk-shows. Since it is Sunday, I had lotsa free time to just sit and watch TV.

My first adventure was on Al-Manar TV. Now you could ask me, how come you watch that channel? The answer is simple: "Looking for variety!" Any how, they had this talk-show where they were hosting Mr. Albert Mansour. The funny thing about that show was that both, the host and the guest were taking turns in making fun of the Majority. The host says: "But what about the majority, sir? They believe that the country is ruined after the war?", to which Mr. Mansour reply: "Who even listen to those people? they are simply taking orders from the Israelis just like in the past when they were taking orders from the Syrians before. Just let them say what they want, they are nothing but dolls". Hmmm....let me remember, wasn't Mr. Mansour a minister back in the Syrian-era? Does that mean he was a doll too, and now he's free? Or he's still a doll, but he just didn't want to change his master?

And tonight, I was delighted to watch New TV. They hosted Mr. Slaiman Franjieh. I got to say, the host was excellent, he was very objective and he did his best to provoke Mr. Franjieh to speak up, excellent work! And now we come to Mr. Franjieh. What a man! He talked about so many things (as usual), but certain things kept ringing in my head.

"I was against elongating president Lahhoud's term", hmmmm...then why did you vote for it then?

"I had the power to change many things dying the Syrian era, but I decided to go with the flow" hmmm, like what exactly? And shouldn't we blame you for NOT changing things when you saw that they were wrong?

"I loved Rafiq Hariri! I was on his list in the 2000 elections!" Do I even have to comment on this?

"Jumblatt is among those who keep changing their positions, I don't find a way to communicate with such people" Excuse me, who just said that he was on Hariri's list in 2000 elections? You don't call that "changing positions"?

"I'm still at my word, we will progress up to closing roads and paralysing the country till our demands are met" Thank you very much for assuring that to us :)

Finally, what's better than to watch Future TV? They always have some people on live talk-shows supporting the government, cursing the so called-president, and insisting that the Tribunal is the solution for all our problems, with no one from the other side to argue or even say his/her opinion.

What's wrong with you guys? You call that political talk-shows? This is crap! Simple pure CRAP! Among all the so-called political talk-shows, the only one that can still be seen is "Kalam El-nass" by M. Ghanem, at least we can still see opposing opinions, and an excellent host who knows how to provoke those he host to say what they don't want to say. And just to be fair, the program I saw today on New TV, which hosted Mr. Franjeih, the host was really good, sorry because I don't know his name.

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