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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Didn't The Army Move?

Can anyone tell me why didn't the army do its job right from the beginning?

Putting tires on fire has become a legal act???!! What's going on people?
I was criticizing the opposition for mimicking March 14th actions, but if this is how they can be creative, then I take it back, mimic us as much as you want, at least bu that we'll know you'll abide by the law.

Weren't we in the streets before? didn't we go in demonstrations demanding our goals to be fulfilled? When did we burn tires? When did we closed international roads? Is this how you want to change things? You really think this is helping Liban?

I've seen scenes today I thought we won;t ever see again; ugly pictures of the ugly civil war. Poor innocent people crying out, asking protesters to let the country live. Why general? We supported you with everything we have when you insisted that war is not the way, and we can achieve our goals through politics. Why you agree on doing this? Is this the real face of FPM that we didn't know? Why "Hakim"? Why you allowed LFers to go in the streets and fight? You have amazed me and many more ever since you were put in jail, with your peaceful approach and believe in Liban for all Lebanese. Why Nasrallah? Is this a victory? Is this something you can be proud of? What's going on inside your heads? You'll fight and fight and fight, then what? NOTHING, war can solve nothing in Liban, when are you going to understand that?

Back to the army, WHY?????? FOR GOD'S SAKE WHY? Why did you allow such acts to take place? If you are able to act, then what kept you till people started killing each other????!!!

Anger, frustration and disgust....that's what I feel......


Abou Steif said...

Ya Failasoof effendi, Haje Ba'a titfalsaf. Don't you realize that the thugs are taking over your country? Don't you realize thatt is time to react and counterattack these thugs even at the worst possible cost?? Because my friend, whether you like it or not the cost, you will have to pay it at the end of the day. So pay it now not later, as it will be exorbitant then...

Ms Levantine said...

Tires were always burned at demonstrations in Lebanon. Standard procedure really. Before 1975 it used to happen all the time. No need to be so sensitive.

The major demonstration axis used to be the Damascus road, conveniently located near the Lycee. From there, we used to march to the old downtown, hoping to reach Nejmeh square.

In those days, at least the FSI used to pelt us with gas and those of us who got arrested would come to school the next day with shaved heads, courtesy of the police.

No need to panic, just yet anyway.


FaiLaSooF said...

Abou Steif,
It's alwasy good to argue defending your point, as long as you know that there are limits you stop at. But when it comes to argue that "better destroy it now beofre later", argument with you seems to be pointless.

If you hate my opinion that much, you can simply NOT read it. But if you think you can drag me into a chain of matual insults, think again. Not all people are "stupid" enough to just follow their basic insticts whenever their boss tells them to.

ms laventine,
you think what happen today was just simple "tire burning"??!! Think again. What worries me is that the army waited and waited and waited till the other side decided to take it to the streets, because they felt that the army is not doing its job. WHY DIDN'T THE ARMY ACT SOONER? IT COULD HAVE SAVED US LOTS OF UNEXPLAINED HATE AND CAUALTIES.