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Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Our Dream

They are trying to kill our baby dream. They are trying to take us back. They are trying to tell us that we were living a fantasy; that we will never see the Liban we spent our whole lives dreaming about.

They are trying to convince us that we don't deserve to live the way we want. They are trying to steal the hope that our martyrs lit inside us. They are trying to tell us that our time is not now, and it will never be. They are trying to convince us that Liban can't be free. They are trying to tell us that Liban can't be independent. They are trying to say that we can't live in peace. They are trying to force us to accept that democracy in Liban means civil war.

To all of you who share the dream of better Liban, to all of you who won't surrender, to all of you who won't give up our Liban. I ASK YOU ALL TO STAY ALERT, NEVER QUIT AND NEVER ACCEPT TO LIVE WITHOUT OUR DREAM, A FREE INDEPENDENT PROSPER LIBAN THAT WE SEEK, AND DESERVE........


Jamal said...

"They are trying to kill our baby dream."

min timmak la beb el sama.

FaiLaSooF said...

too many beofre you tried, and so many after you will try....

But guess what? We're still here, and our dream is still ALIVE, and one day it will COME TRUE :)

hillz said...

Are u serious?
shou "baby dream" w shou "We", w shou "alive" w shou "come true"?
w shou "before u" w "after you"??

Come on.. "we" are not in a brevet class.

Discuss something real and don't generalize. tell us who are "the ones who tried"? atrak? syrians with support of half ofthe new cedar revolution? egyptians with support of some sunnis? israelians with support of some christians? iranians (yeh right new promoted lie) with support of shee3a? foreign embassies that care much about our civilized image? elaborate..

on another and less important issue (but it is getting on my nerves honestly)why the use of "liban" while writing english? ya lebanon with english written posts ya liban with french written both.. but the way u use it gives the opposite impression than u intend.. mey3a b6itla3..

demonstrations and intention to topple the government what's the new thing about? don't u remember how martyr rafic hariri cme to power? ask about the men in suites who set some tires on fire in the streets. and how about omar karami who had the courage to listen to the people's voice - i assume u were there- (and bahia's speech) and resign? Give the man credit compared to saniora :P

calm down man.. it's lebanon all people must be represented and a compromise will be reached. the diffeence that although of the demonstartions today, the oppsition is STILL not asking to isolate anyone..

FaiLaSooF said...

"Liban" because it has a special meaning to me. You prefer Lebanon, fine by me. As for me, Liban is what I chose. If you feel ennu "mey3a", well, this is up to you...

Krame's government wasn't toppled in the streets my friend, he resigned in a PARLIAMENT SESSION(which opposition is NOT willing to hold, I wnder why??!!). And no hillz, he didn't listen to the people's demands, he realized that the parliament was going to topple him anyways, so he decided to resign and safe his face. You can be as optimistic as you want, but NO LEBANESE GOVERNMENT will be toppled in the streets. Once this happen, then you are giving each and every comming opposition (regardless whether it is March 8th, March 14th or any other new force) the right to topple the government in the streets. This is NOT how Liban works.

"Before you" all those who tried to hold Liban a captive in the past; Turkey, Syria, Israel, Palestenians, even fellow Lebanese...the list is too long. "After you" all those who think they are coming back and taking the country back to captivity, regardless of who they are.

"We" are those who always wanted a free independent Liban, regardless of their religion or sect.

In politics hills, there are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies. You are judged by your current position. Let's take pro and anti Syrian as an example. It means NOTHING at all if you spent years being against the Syrian presence in Liban, if you are allying with those who still are strong allies of Syrian regime, it means now you are pro-Syrian. Vice versa, If you were pro-Syrian your whole life, but now you are anti-Syrian, it means you are anti-Syrian. This is called politics, adn this is how some forces gain popularity, and how others lose it; the forces' choices at the current time.

The government is clear, it's pro-Lebanese and anti-Syrian, it has an economic plan (whether you agree or not on such plan is your right, but declaring "civil obedience", and threatening people to NOT go to their work is NOT your right, it's against the LAW).

You have the right to oppose, and that's what Match 8th has been doing (till now), but you (and anyone else for that matter) are NOT ALLOWED to threaten people's security.

You can say what you want, and argue as much as you want, there are 5 constitutional ways for a government to resign, and "civil obedience" is NOT one of them.

Hope I have elaborated enough.