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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do Your Job!

Things are escalating fast. We can't pretend that what's going on is simple and temporal. There should be strict measures to end this madness.

The army should move! The army is responsible for maintaining security. It is NOT acceptable anymore to let people (whoever these people are) go to the streets with stones, pipes and even guns, and start terrorizing citizens and destroying properties.

The army keep saying that it can't take sides. WHO THE HICK IS ASKING YOU TO TAKE SIDES???!!!! Whoever is causing violence, regardless of his religion, sect or political background, should be arrested and put in jail, AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

No one is supporting such acts, and all political parties are denying any relation with "trouble makers", then for God's sake how is maintaining the state's security is being translated as "taking sides"?

For how long can things be under control? For how long will people listen and stay calm??!! People are being injured and killed, how can you tell them that the authorities will protect you when they see that their properties and kids are being attacked while the army is just watching!!!!

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! The army should take control and put an end to all kind of mass riots and trouble makers, REGARDLESS OF WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE!

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