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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hard Rock Cafe

So it's Buffalo-chicken-wings open day at Hard Rock cafe. Jean, Nabil and I made a bet on who can eat the most. In order to prepare for the competition, I didn't had lunch, and did my best NOT to eat anything till I get my hands on the Buffalo wings. We arrived round 9 pm. It was the first time I go to Hard Rock Cafe. I must admit, the style and the decoration were just AMAZING.

Once you go inside, a huge car-front welcomes you! and right next to it, you can see a lovely bike standing in bride. The walls were filled with pictures of famous Rock starts, together with discs of their best-selling-records.

We were almost 15. But the main event was to see who would eat the most of the delicious wings. And so it started; Jean and I were sitting right next to each other, and we decided that we would order the plates at the same time, so that the competition would be more intense.

As you can see, the wings were irresistible, Up till the 5th plate, I had no problem, and I had tried the four different kinds they offered; barbecue, medium spicy, heavy spicy and regular. The DJ was playing famous Rock music non-stop, and he was great in getting us in an atmosphere of competition, yet enjoying each and every bite, and of course drinking a lot of Pepsi and beer.

After the 5th plate, we decided to have a break, try to digest what we have eaten, and enjoy the lovely Rock-style atmosphere. I'm not that good when it comes to rock music; I mean I listen to Rock, but I'm not that big fan, unlike Jean, who is by far our biggest fan of anything related to Rock music.

Nabil stopped at the 6th plate, jean couldn't finish his 7th, and I managed to finish the 7th and even started my 8th plate, but frankly, I couldn't finish it because I was about to explode, lol. But at that time, none of us seemed to be interested in the competition as much as we were focusing on having a good time. We spent like an hour or so after just drinking Pepsi (lots and lots of Pepsi), and just chatting around, while the DJ kept playing all this loud rock music.

All in all, it was a great experience, and a good way to get out of the awful endless political conflict that the country has been going through for some time now. I want to thank our waitress, Eveline; she was so kind and put up with our non-stopping demands :)


nobilis tobilis said...

I used to go there during the world cup, to watch Spain's matches because I'm their biggest fan. I hate this place now because I was there when Spain lost to the very old French team. My focus wasn't however on the Chicken wings but rather on the Match (which is to forget) and the BEER of course!

doha said...

This is hilarious.
i definitly wouldnt accept this kind of competition,...
but as long u guys had fun, that's all it counts...
life is fun, but we are busy with other stupid things

Charles Malik said...

Great stuff! Just in case you want to enter an eating competition after your excellent performance the other night:
They say that to prepare for an eating competition, it is best to expand one's stomach by drinking lots of water the day of the competition, but stopping a few hours before the competition. It makes you ravenous.

FaiLaSooF said...

Sorry man, but France was great in the last world cup (even though they were old guys). Just get over it, chu khassu Hard Rock Cafe??!!

Having fun is a MUST nowadays, or else we would explode from the inside (eventhough this kind of fun DID made me explode from inside, lol)

Seems like you are an expert in such competitions, maybe we should do that some time, but NOT before I digest all the wings I ate! (believe me, I can't even smell chicken till now!!!)

karen said...

you're profile says your a med student. to whom do you prescribe a buffalo-wing-eating competition ?

and come on on, you're in lebanon and of all places you go to Hard Rock ?? Crepeaway and Roadster are soo much better!

FaiLaSooF said...

you can choose to live a healthy life. But it won't kill you to just go out and have fun every now and then :)

Besides, Hard Rock Cafe was a group choice, NOT to mention the competition, so it sounded like a good idea :)