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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Our Dream Won't Die

It's 1:20 am now. In less than 7 hours, the next escaltation of the opposition protest wil begin. As I am sitting and waiting what will happen next, I can't but go back in time, and remember the dramatic past 5 years, and how what was once called the "impossible" itself became a living reality.

I can't but to think: Are we on teh right track? Should we gave up? should we move on? And once again, I remember that "old lady"! For those who don;t know who I'm talking about, here's her story. I wrote a post about two months ago under the title "Baddi Moot Feda Lebnen" "I Want To Die For The Sake of Liban"; here is the post:

Every time we say good bye to one of our martyrs, and after the emotional reaction and marching to downtown insisting on continuing our struggle till the end, I sit by myself and start wondering!

I start asking myself, did we take the right choice? Is the decision to continue fighting is the suitable decision? Does our cause worth the great souls we are loosing? I will be honest here and admit that there have been times where I thought that maybe we should stop; we have lost enough, and it’s not worth it.

But then, I see the reactions of our political rivals (NOT enemies), and I realize that even though we love our martyrs, and we badly miss them, but at the end we love Liban even more! And there’s no way we can give up and stop walking down the road till the end.

It’s normal to sometimes hesitate, and it’s normal to feel that maybe it is enough, and that we have lost a lot. But I always realize that may love and passion for Liban is what always make me come back stronger than ever, and willing to continue till the end.

I remember back in March 14th, 2005, and while we were marching to Martyrs Square in the bus, we saw a very old lady (almost 80!) driving her old car with one hand, and holding Liban’s flag with the other! We were so surprised, and we asked her: “What are you doing?” I can NEVER forget the look on her face as she replied: “Baddi moot feda Lebnen!” ( I want to die for the sake of Liban!). When ever I recall that old lady, I just get more and more determined to continue our struggle till we reach the Liban we always dream about. It’s NEVER about people; because people come and go, and it’s only LIBAN that lasts for ever……

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