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Monday, January 29, 2007

Aoun, When Will You Stop This Nonesense???!!

They say a picture worth a thousand word, well NOT ANYMORE! Especially with the advance in technology, and the enormous abilities that ANYONE can use to manipulate digital photos.

N10452 and Mustapha showed that clearly on their websites. The pictures are taken from their websites, and it shows how one can make a fool out of himself by using such "cheap" methods to provoke to fight each other.

This picture was taken during the last July war.

This picture was taken from the Last "Black Tuesday".

And this picture shows how you "twist facts" and provoke people to kill each other!

That picture was used by al-akhbar newspaper (pro-HA) and even by General Aoun in a talk-show live on al-manar tv. The picture below shows Aoun holding up this very same picture and accusing LF of being "Ze3ran" "Street thugs".

So dear General, what do you have to say for yourself now? You say you wanna fight corruption, but what do you call what you are doing? Isn't it some kind of corruption as well? Or you can find some sentence in the constitution that makes "this act" a legal and legitimate one as well???!!! I'm NOT gunna talk to al-manar tv, since we all know that there is NO WAY you can buy any of the crap this channel (together with al-akhbar newspaper, future tv and al-mostaqbal newspaper) tend to advertise for.

Wake up people, wake up!

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Joe said...

yeah dude, I heard Aoun himself photoshop'ed the armed guy into the photo, LOL. Come on. A little common sense here. I blame however the crew that works with Aoun for not picking on this issue given how evident it was that the photo's been tampered with. The only harm that was done here was to the credibility of the free patriotic movement for pushing forward what turned out to be fudged photos. Salamat.