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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Allah Ye7mek Ya Libnen

"May God protect Lebanon". This is the title translation. I've just finished listening to Geagea's speech at Harissa. So, forgive me if what I'm about to say would seem to be a little bit motional rather than the usual common sense that I try my best to base my articles on.

I'm not an LF member, in fact when you come to think about it, I might be the farthest from Lf among all others. Neverthesless, I never felt that some one was expressing my beliefs more than Geagea today. "El 7akim" showed the real difference between those who believe in one united country, and those who wan to shape the country to their own benefit.

"We want a strong state" "We abide by Taef Accord" "We seek national unity" "Lebanon will reveal in the end" and many many more statements that touched my heart and soul more than ever.

"We will continue to resist, NOT by bullets, rather by words". "Strength is never measured by rockets, its measured by beliefs and well".

This is the Lebanon we seek, where the leaders demand peace, freedom and unity. Where people emphasize on change by democratic ways, where we seek our rights with diplomacy, where we respect our differences, and accept to discuss various points of view, where we stand, hand by hand, saying "NO" to corruption, and demanding A STRONG UNITED GOVERNMENT THAT ABIDES BY TAEF ACCORD AND LEBANESE CONSTITUTION.

I didn't want to comment on either Nasrallah's nor Geagea's speeches. But when I see the difference between those who want a country and those who want a farm, between those who call for war, and those who call for peace, between those who speak on behalf of one sect, and those who speak on behalf of all sects of Lebanon, I can't but to come and say out loud:

"Allah ye7meki ya 14 azar, Allah ye7mek ya Libnen"
"May God protect March 14th, May God protect Lebanon"


Battal Agha said...

Bravo 3aleik ya Failasoof - Fully agree with you

Jos said...

Great post!