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Friday, September 08, 2006

A Walk in Achrafieh

Nothing special actually, I decided to take a long walk in Achrafieh round midnight. I believe that the only way you can really know an area is by walking around. I started my walk at St. Georges Hospital, and then I went all the way down to Jemayze street. It's always nice to go a busy-night-life streets round midnight. You can really feel several contradicting feelings at once; you can see sluts riding next to extremely rich men with their luxury cars (it's weird how much luxury cars we have in Beirut, and they keep saying Lebanese are poor!), cruising down the street, showing off and making a statement that they are rich and superior. You can also see young waitresses outside their bars trying to enjoy a small break and having quick smoke, in their own way to deal with the disappointment they face daily. You can see extremely drunk people laughing their asses off not knowing why and for what, but yet very happy doing so! You can also see couples, lots and lots of them. I don't know what so special about couples at midnight; you can feel the love shining from both of them, as they hold each others' hands, and walking slowly down the road, not caring about any one else but their lover, and occasionally engaging in a long kissing session, in their very own way of showing the whole world the love they have for one another.

But one thing got my full attention was this poster on the wall.

Almost 2 years must have been past since this poster was put on. As you can clearly see, the poster says

"UN Resolution 1559
Freedom, sovereignty and independence
The Free Patriotic Movement"
Irony of life! Aoun was the one behind that resolution, and now he's the number one ally for HA! Something to think about, eih? I guess it is the human nature after all, everyone seeks he's own interest after all, no matter how he spends years defending his once-called principles


Anonymous said...

Being far away, in the USA, I have a question. How popular is Nasrallah in Lebanon right now? Why do Druze, Sunnis, Christians, etc accept him as a leader? CNN portrayed him as very popular in spite of the mahyhem, death and destruction that his actions brought to Lebanon. How can a country suvrvive as such, when you have a warlord in your midst that continously threatens the lives of your functionaries? But more important is Nasrallah really popular in Lebanon? Comments on Israel are useless because their foreign policy is governed by their own politics. PLEASE comment, because the usual dribble of CNN claims he is very much loved in your country

Anonymous said...

You wrote "you can see sluts riding next to extremely rich men with their luxury cars" Who the fuck are you to decide whether a woman is a slut upon first view? What is your definition of a slut? Someone who sleeps around with many persons of the other sex. Then most Lebanese men are sluts. Jezus, what a stupid remark you made.

AM said...

Yep, he is not different than any of the rest after all. His motives are really doubtful.
Not sure if you can help me here? As you're living in Lebanon, do you know or feel whether he is still liked or not, whether people still follow him or not, whether his popularity went down or not?
I keep checking with my friends who are criticizing him much these days after supporting him for many years but my friends are only a few, can you help?

FaiLaSooF said...

It seems lots of you guys are asking about Nasrallah's popularity nowadays, so I promise I'll write a full article about that since it is a very complex issue and can't be answered here.

As for the person who was sooo angry of the term "sluts" I used, let me explain please.

First of all, it is too easy to recognize a slut in a street full of bars. The way they dressed, the way they walk, the way they walk, and most of all, when they ask you if you'd like to take them to your house for a "night of fun". I wasn't being racist, and I didn't say that rich men are descent ones. I didnt judge people. Oe of many advantages of being in Lebanon, is that you can do whatever you wanna do.

As for question, a "slut" is a woman who charge you for having sex with her. In that concept, I stated a fact, and that's it. I an't see why you are so angry about that.

Ms Levantine said...

Just for the record Faylasoof, you took a walk in Rmeil, not Ashrafieh.

Wissam Chamseddine said...
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Anonymous said...

for your records, Aoun admitted the fact that he contributed largely to the 1559 and also to the syrian accountablility and liberaton of lebanon ACT by te US congress.
Since then, he is a stunch supporter of hezbos and syrios.