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Friday, September 15, 2006


I can't really understand how religious figures act most of the time. It amaze me to see that these people, and even though they know the power they had in influencing huge masses of people, they tend to abuse their authority in a very stupid manner!

I don't want to go into a long debate about religion and war, for I believe that religion was the most abused term in wars throughout history, and all religions have been used into attracting people into endless wars. But what I really want to ask is why do religious figures abuse their positions? Can't they see that the whole world is suffering enough? Are they really helping mankind when they evoke racial and religious hate among human beings? Is this why religions exist for? So that people kill each other thinking that they are doing that for God's sake? Do God really wants people to go into endless wars so that each one of them (on his own) raise the word of the Lord?

I've always seen religion as a gate to get in touch with one's creator. It's a means by which man learns that no matter how big and powerful he might get, he's nothing but a small creatures in this world, and that being a man means that you should spread love and work for the good of the whole world. But what I see nowadays is that people are dying, stealing, raging and declaring war on each other in the name of religion....

It is up to us to wake up! To realize that those who provoke us to kill each other are NOT representatives of religions. To understand that we should live and let others live as well. To seek the good in all our deeds,a and most of all, RESPECT others believes and opinions, regardless of our own opinion of their faith.

And if the religious figures are failing to demand that, and if they are provoking us o kill each other, then they should not be listened to! As simple as that.

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Katrin said...

Hi Failasoof,

as a non catholic German I want to tell you that I very much appreciate your writing and reflections.

Please go on this way and with people like you Lebanon will have a real chance. Although it is complicated and difficult.

My thoughts are with you and your country.