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Monday, September 11, 2006

So we won't forget

Whether you like America, and you hate every thing related to US, we can't but to pay respect to those innocent lives that were lost 5 years ago.

I know that I might be attacked heavily by what I'm saying, but no matter what, I don't believe in violence, and I don't think that killing innocent people during their work is justifiable, what ever the causes and justifications are.

Not to mention the consequences that we Arabs are facing on daily faces as a result of these attacks, and the constant need to clarify that we are a nation that glorifies death over life.

So, for the rest of the souls that were lost 5 years ago, and for all the innocent souls that were lost here in our dearest Lebanon during the last war, I'd like to invite you all to pray with me, that we would reach a time, where human life would be treasured and valued as it should be, and that the seek for peace and prosperity will finally come to a happy end.

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